the secret

Published 02/09/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The Secret, is by far the best book out there for inspirational/ self-help. I have to admit i was a huge skeptic at first but after some reading and some thought process changing it has a profound effect on my self and my out look on life. I think everyone should read it or at the very least watch the movie.

the main idea or the “secret” is the power of attraction. I could not agree more with the power of attraction. People attract what they put out into the universe. What ever you are feeling or doing is going out there and that vibe you send out you will get back. Very much like Karma, it all comes back to you. It could be good or bad but it’s what you are attracting.

This is not some crazy idea that I plan on preaching to everyone I meet, but its a great idea for anyone who wants to lean about it

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