Published 02/19/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Recently I googled the word sensuality to see what it actually meant. The definiton I found was:

  • The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, esp. sexual, pleasure.
  • The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses: “life can dazzle with its sensuality, its color.”

This is the offical Google definition and its quite on point, the difficult part is translating a definiton into actual real life. No one can teach us how to be or feel sensual. Apparently there is an online test that anyone can take to see how sensual they are, I took it and it is a bit lame.

I have found that in relationships being sensual with your partner is something that both people must work on together. There are many articles out there that give advice, pointers and how to’s for people trying to re-ignite the passion. Some of these are well thought out some are just recycled ideas.

Sensuality is a total body feeling, it involves using all of your senses to feel what is going on around you and to really feel what is going on inside of you. There are ways to help reignite that passion and the sensual feelings that we all naturly have. However its not for me or anyone else to tell you exactly what will work.

Start out by thinking of your five senses.

  1. smell
  2. taste
  3. touch
  4. feel
  5. seeing

as you start to think of these senses, think about the things that excite these senses for you. everyone is different and has different things. Some people would enjoy an massage with candle light, armoa therepy and some soft music. Everyone is different and sometimes it takes time to tune into what works for you and your partner.

Recently, my wife and I started getting couples massages, and I have to admit it is extremely sensual. It’s something very different then I am use too. At first I was skeptical of a stranger getting into my “bubble” but now I love it and can’t wait to experience it again. It’s given us a new tool to explore our senses.

2 comments on “sensuality

  • This is a very interesting post. What ever made you think to look up the word? I’m glad you did. I think that most often than none, we all tend to confuse lust with sensuality. And with that mistake, comes hurt feelings when the other person involved sees an involvement for what it really is, and the other person takes it to another level. I feel that sensuality comes in time during a relationship, but has to continuously be worked upon. I love the idea of the couple massages, my wife and I are presently moving to an apartment, maybe I’ll surprise her with one! Thanks for the idea. Great post! Del

    • There is not nearly enough discussion about real sensuality. The idea of sensuality has turned into more of foreplay and like you said lust then what it truly is. In this day I think it’s extremely important to dial into your senses and really feel what’s going on around you. Thanks for the comment, I’m sure I’ll will have more thoughts on the subject as time goes on .

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