DOJ Will No Longer Defend Laws Blocking Benefits from Gay Troops

Published 02/21/2012 by Sensi Boutique

its about time is all i can really add 🙂

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This excellent news may have been buried over the weekend.Attorney General Eric Holder has notified congressional leadership that the Justice Department will no longer defend laws that prevent gay and lesbian couples from receiving the same military and veterans benefits afforded to their heterosexual counterparts, reported Talking Points Memo.

The Defense of Marriage Act and other laws ban federal recognition of same-sex marriage. The Obama Administration announced last February that it will NOT defend recent lawsuits challenging DOMA.

“The legislative record of these provisions contains no rationale for providing veterans’ benefits to opposite-sex couples of veterans but not to legally married same-sex spouses of veterans,” Holder wrote. “Neither the Department of Defense nor the Department of Veterans Affairs identified any justifications for that distinction that would warrant treating these provisions differently from Section 3 of DOMA.”

Holder said DOJ would no longer defend the provisions in…

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