Songs to Make Love Too

Published 02/27/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Fantasy Diaries from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Now, let’s be honest. Before you get busy, I am sure there is some sort of routine you complete before you hit the sheets. Maybe you dim the lights just right, or turn on a few candles around the room. My question is, do you have a “Gettin’ It On” playlist on your iPod? Because you should! According to sex and relationship expert Megan Fleming, PhD., putting together a sexy mix actually relaxes and excites you.

Below you will find some tantalizing tunes you can add to your “Gettin’ It On” playlist. And, don’t be shy.

1. “Sex is On Fire,” The Kings of Leon. The title of this song says it all…
2. “Cockiness (Love It),” Rihanna. If this sexy Rihanna song doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.
3. “Love in This Club,” Usher. You know this song will be an asset to your playlist.

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