6 Best Sex Toys To Use On Your Partner

Published 03/01/2012 by Sensi Boutique

6 Best Sex Toys To Use On Your Partner

By Dr. Ruthie, PRZ Sex and Intimacy Educator



Forget the flowers, chocolates and fancy drinks. If you’re interested in an open invitation to return to her bed, try one of the season’s hottest sex toys and a luxurious bottle of premium lube. Not only is it a sure way to show that her pleasure turns you on, it’s a clear signal that you have the sexual confidence and know-how to make her melt.  If you’re ready to add a creative twist to your lovemaking, make sure you’re armed with this list of the six best sex toys for couples.


1. The We-Vibe II 

Highly recommended for couples who want to play with toys during intercourse, this revolutionary, rechargeable little number is actually worn while you’re enjoying each other!  One end rests against her g-spot, vibrating both of your bodies, while the other makes sure her clit receives plenty of orgasmic attention.


2. Minna Ola

Say hello to the Ola, which boasts a sassy little innovation in the form of a highly responsive touch pad.  Stroke the inflated underside of the small end and it vibrates in response to your presence and pressure.  After you’re done exploring, record your favorite pattern and get ready for some serious fun with this rechargeable beauty. As a bonus, the curves are great for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation—though not at the same time.


3. Liberator Heart Wedge

Now that you have the power to pleasure her for hours, make sure she’s comfortable while you work the perfect angles! Use the deliciously plush Heart Wedge to elevate her hips while she is on her back, and you’ll feel even larger inside her, while more readily stimulating her g-spot.  If she prefers to take control, use it to lift your own hips and make it easier for her to ride you into the sunset.


4. Fascinator Throes Blanket

Whether you and your lady could drench the sheet on your own or you’re of the opinion that too much lube is almost enough, keep the couch protected while adding a touch of class to your evening.  Decadent faux fur on one side and satiny smooth fabric on the other, the Throes blanket hides a waterproof barrier in between.  Go ahead and get messy, then toss it in the washer; the housekeeper won’t notice a thing.


5. Thigh Harness

What could be better than receiving a slow, sensual lap dance?  Find out with the Thigh Harness.  Insert her favorite flared dildo, wrap it around your thigh and invite her to put on a show.  Watch and learn as she shows you her favorite moves, or focus your attention on stimulating the rest of her body while enjoying the view.


6. Sliquid Lube

You’re not ready for a night of fun without a bottle of lube.  For many women, lube helps to get them more aroused and can keep the condom in good shape by keeping things slick.  It’s also the key to enjoying anal play together!  Sliquid’s formulas are glycerine and paraben free, and beat the pants off cheap drug store lubes that have sticky, crumbly or irritating ingredients.


The way to a woman’s heart (or at least her bedroom) is a well-stocked toy bag and the confidence to use it well!  And a happy, satisfied girlfriend will want to make sure you keep coming back for more, too.


We thought we could add a couple that they forgot for the lesbians of the world

1. SpareParts Joque Harness

The best harness money can buy, its extreamly comfortable and adjustable. Available in different sizes for the normal sized girls of the world, and it works with different toys.  Sturdy, lightweight, high-quality nylon/spandex wicks away moisture while fitting like a second skin on almost anybody — no gaps, chafing buckles, or pinched skin.

2. Feeldoe

This double-ended dildo is a great toy to use with the Joque harness. It is a wonderfully way to satisfy both you and your partner at the same time. The chunky plug-like end is built for the comfort and G-spot stimulation of the one wearing the harness.





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