Top 10 Sexy Date Movies

Published 03/09/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Tonight being a typical date night for most I thought it would be fitting to come up with the top 10 date night movies, I am sure I’ll miss a few so please let me know about any other date worthy movies to check out.

No.10 Dangerous Liaisons

Seduction, betrayal and more seduction are the stars in this period piece  starring Glenn  Close, John  Malkovich and Michelle  Pfeiffer. The Marquise de Merteuil (Close) asks her partner in deceit  Vicomte de Valmont (Malkovich) to seduce a young woman to get back at a former  lover. However, Valmont has his wants and desires set on the sweet and tender  Madame de Tourvel (Pfeiffer). Dangerous Liaisons has a heat and passion  that simmers just underneath powdered wigs, accents and corsets. The innocent  are taught to seduce, the guilty to lie and lives hang in the balance of a duel. Dangerous Liaisons is a classic and was reimagined as Sarah  Michelle Gellar’s Cruel Intentions (also sexy and featuring one of  our favorite chick  kissing scenes).

No.9 Belle Epoque

Take Spain, war, a handsome young soldier, and four nubile and beautiful sisters  and you have this foreign film classic. Fernando, a young soldier struggling  with the impending civil war of his Spanish homeland, finds himself in the bed  of four sisters: a lovelorn widow, a lesbian who is aroused by cross-dressing, a  vapid socialite, and an innocent beauty. As Fernando finds heartbreak and  disappointment with each sexual encounter, the girls’ father gives the soldier  hope about romance (even after Fernando has slept with his daughters).

No.8 Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Antonio  Banderas — that’s all your girlfriend needs to know. The epitome of Latin  lovers stars as a recently released mental patient who finds himself obsessed  with an actress fallen on hard times. Sex, damaged psyches, childhood abuse, and  addiction come together in one of the few films that make Stockholm syndrome  lusty and hot. Staying true to its title, the actress, Marina, is kidnapped by  Banderas who keeps her tied up and tied down to ensure her inevitable falling in  love with him. At a point in the end, she begs him to leave her bound so she  cannot leave him. Talk about bondage!

No.7 Laurel Canyon

Christian  Bale and Kate Beckinsale star as a newly engaged couple living in Los Angeles pursuing  their careers. Sam (Bale) is a psychiatrist and Alex (Beckinsale) is a doctor.  The couple ends up staying with Sam’s mother, a record producer and free spirit  who ends up trying to create an album while partying hard. While Bale’s  character is stressed by his wild mother, his wife is drawn into her lifestyle. Laurel Canyon focuses on relationships trying to grow in mutual proximity  without suffering from one another. It also brings in some heated sexual moments  that normally never happen (Alex, Jane and her boyfriend almost have a  threesome), but it does take a realistic look at temptation and the challenge of  defining what type of love we really want.


No.6 Y Tu Mama Tambien

Hot doesn’t begin to describe this Mexican cinematic excursion into sex,  friendship and self-discovery. Two friends, after having very honest and  realistic sex with their girlfriends, head on a road trip. During their  vacation, they meet a slightly older woman who is open about making love, having  sex and simply screwing for the sake of screwing. International stars Gael  Garcia Berna, Diego Luna and Maribel  Verdú have no issue portraying naked characters (both figuratively and  literally) in terms and scenes that will provoke discussion and arousal. If this  film doesn’t make a couple want to have sex, they need to check their pulse


No.5 The Fabulous Baker Boys

The Bridges brothers and Michelle  Pfeiffer give a critically acclaimed performance as two brothers who play as  lounge lizards in Seattle. They are joined by a beautiful blonde (Pfeiffer) who  sings and draws in audiences while building tension between the brothers. What  else can you expect whenever two guys are around a hot girl? Even the Baker boys  can’t put their blood before their desires and the duo falls apart. The late ‘80s classic showcases how sexuality can simmer and grow from nothing more than  a song well-sung by a beautiful woman. The Fabulous Baker Boys was  nominated for four Academy Awards.

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No.4 Suspiria

Murder and mystery find their way into this Dario Argento horror film. A  young student travels to a musical academy in Germany only to discover violence,  death and supernatural evil lurking in the background. Blind pianists, maggots  and witches end up making Suspira a film of tense eroticism that will  leave you and your sweetheart tightly wrapped around one another. Keep in mind  that this film is known for its violence and it put the famed Italian director  Argento on the map.


No.3 Eyes Wide Shut

Tom  Cruise and Nicole  Kidman portray a well-to-do married couple who face seduction, lies, secret  societies, and murder in this odd but heated film. Bill (Cruise) must fend off  sexual advances during parties, erotic fantasies and difficult discoveries about  his wife (Kidman.) Eyes Wide Shut portrays sex and its attending issues  of infidelity, deviant desires and orgies. This film is sure to stir up want in  a couple with masked sex, a simmering soundtrack and Tom Cruise jumping bones  and not couches.


No.2 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This is the movie that started Brangelina and ended Brad and Jennifer. John  (Brad  Pitt) and Jane (Angelina  Jolie) are a couple suffering from marital boredom. Their cooling love life  stems from having to deceive each other into think they’re conventional  suburbanites when, in reality, they are both master assassins. Mr. & Mrs.  Smith takes this ultra hot and stylish couple on an adventure of both  marital exploration and contract killing as they trade attempts on each others’  lives… until they have hot sex in a decimated kitchen. It’s a thrill ride with  some real meat about relationships and after seeing Brangelina shooting and  sweaty, you two will find your own ways to disarm and disrobe each other.


No.1 Dirty Dancing

The No. 1 date movie that leads to sex is the ‘80s classic that featured  great dancing, acting and a timeless soundtrack. Jennifer Grey is Frances “Baby” Houseman, a New York socialite who meets dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick  Swayze) and finds self-discovery and her own sexuality. The two must battle  classicism, accusations and forbidden love against the backdrop of sultry dance  lessons. Featuring smooth moves by Swayze and Grey and the famous line “Nobody  puts Baby in a corner,” Dirty Dancing taught a generation about dancing,  following one’s heart and reminded us just how cool the ‘60s were. Your  girlfriend will be singing about how she’s had the time of your life by the  movie’s credits and you’ll find a renewed sense of love and fun at the end of  the date.

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