The New Bed

Published 03/16/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Linda and I had been a couple for over a year when we decided to move in together. It had taken us a few weeks to settle on this great house with a rent to own option. The only problem was Linda wanted a different bed. She thought it would be better to start our lives together with a new one. She believed we couldn’t possibly screw under our new roof in either of our old beds where we had fucked past girlfriends and it might bring bad energy into our new commitment. I thought spending the money would bring bad energy to my bank account but I’m a pushover for whatever Linda wants.
She and I combed the local furniture stores in search of the perfect and reasonably priced bed of our dreams. It took all day and by the time I was about to fall face first into a couch from exhaustion, I heard her giddy squeal of delight.
“That’s the one.”
She pointed in the direction of the biggest bed I had ever seen in my life. It was a monster. The thing was dark, almost a black finish with thick ribbed posts that spiraled up towards a wrought iron canopy.
“Dear God, it’s huge. It will take over the whole damn house.”
I looked at her with an are you insane expression on my face.
Linda’s normally chocolate brown eyes were sparkling hazel. Her luscious mouth was puckered in a pout. She used this tactic when she wanted to persuade me into doing something I’d regret later.
“It won’t seem so big when we are in it. Why I bet it will even be cozy,” she cooed allowing her faint southern accent to thicken for effect. Her long brown hair fell seductively across her cheek as she pulled me closer, “I won’t let you feel cold or lonely,” she purred.
Her breath on my ear was hot and moist and I felt my loins twinge while my cunt became wet at the prospect of her keeping me warm. She was gorgeous and she knew it. Linda was an expert at the art of seduction and getting people to see things her way.
“How much does it cost?” I leaned in to whisper in her ear allowing my tongue to flirtatiously lick her lobe.
“It’s on sale and an absolute steal,” she exclaimed.
Her eyes danced with a look of glee and accomplishment. I’ll never understand it. Linda can be all feminine wiles and sexiness personified one minute but mention the words “On Sale” and she becomes a rabid, bargain hunter with all thoughts of lust gone from her mind.
“Define ‘On Sale,” I said forcefully.
“Three thousand dollars and they have great financing options. Now I know it sounds like a lot. . . .”
“A lot doesn’t cover it,” I bellowed forgetting I was in a public place.
“Now, Honey, look at it as an investment. We’ll have it forever and when you look at it that way, three thousand isn’t so much.”
She was stroking my hair and gazing into my eyes with a lover’s look that said she’d make it worth my while. I was certain my hardening nipples would show through the thin white cotton of my t-shirt.
It was no more than an hour later when we arrived home with the furniture truck pulling in the drive behind us. It took four burly men to carry the hulk into our room. When they had finished they dragged themselves out to their truck. The guys looked like they had been at war with the bed and lost several battles before claiming their victory. As they left, I had to wonder how many backaches and pulled muscles there were between them.
I thought the thing was big in the showroom but in our house it was almost indescribably massive. Our master bedroom, with its ten foot vaulted ceilings, was dwarfed by the oak and iron beast. Its columns were as thick as a small tree trunks and the metal canopy nearly arched to the ceiling. There was hardly any space around the sides of the mattress and I had to check to make sure it wasn’t poking out of the windows. I wondered if there would still be room for us.
“Good grief, Linda it’s like trying to fit an elephant into a Volkswagen,” I said moving over to the giant.
Even she seemed taken aback by the sheer size of our new possession.
“Um, well sort of. . . but I think we can make it work.”
She moved towards the bed and scaled the sides to plop herself in the middle of the mattress.
“Why don’t you come over here and try it out? The pillow top is amazing.”
I moved over to the bed. The damn mattress was up to my hips. I needed a fucking ladder. It was so high up a person could get a nose bleed up there, but when I realized Linda had begun to pleasure herself, pinching her nipples and rubbing her rosy clit. I decided where there is a will there is a way.
“Hey, don’t get started without me,” I teased while taking a leap onto the beast.
“I wondered what was keeping you,” she said.
“I had to figure out how to get up here,” I said. “You should compensate me for my efforts.”
I pulled her to me, pressing her body against mine.
Linda placed her lips on mine. She opened my mouth with her tongue and I returned the gesture by slowly sucking it. She moaned and ran her hands across my body. We removed each other’s clothes seductively. . There was no need to rush. A soft rain was falling against the windows, it was the perfect weather to stay in and we had nowhere to be.
Once we were naked, Linda playfully broke from our embrace to move towards one of the massive bedposts. She sensually rubbed it with her hands while she stuck her robust buttocks outward. Her ass was divine. It was a perfectly plump, round creation that begged to be squeezed.
“These columns could be fun with a little ribbon. . . or rope,” she teased.
“How about this?” I grabbed the silk scarf Linda had been wearing as a belt from behind me on the bed.
I closed in on her and rubbed her butt with my hands. Instinctively, she hugged the post and I secured her wrists to it, making sure the sash was tight enough but not too tight. We’d never engaged in any serious bondage. I had always been into it, but I didn’t think it was her bag. One stick of my finger into her wet cunt confirmed she was excited, more excited than I had ever felt her. She moaned as I plundered her neck and shoulders with my tongue. I ground my swollen clit against her ass in a circular motion as I felt my juices flow.
With Linda unable to move, embracing the pole like a third participant, I plunged more fingers into her wet, hot pussy. I moved them around touching every inch of her love box while my free hand squeezed her breast and pinched its nipple.
“Fuck me hard,” she pleaded.
“Like this?” I rammed my hand further into the recesses of her cunt digging my nails into her breast.
“More. I need more.”
She pushed her ripe butt cheeks against my engorged clit. I was hard as a phallus and near climax.
I thrust my hips into her ass forcing her pussy against the ribbing of the bedpost. It abusively massaged her clit while I tore at her cunt with my fingers. I clamped her breast with my hand tugging at it to cause her erotic pain. She thrust herself backwards to me, unable to handle the ecstasy of my body working in cadence with the pole.
I bit the base of her neck to express my disapproval and forced her against the post. She moved her pussy in circular motions on my hand nearly enveloping it in her sticky sweetness. I moaned and clenched my jaw as her butt cheeks worked on my clit bringing me to an incredible orgasm causing my juices to slide down my thigh.
I focused my attention on bringing Linda to her climax. I worked her further onto the column’s ribbing using it to brutalize her protruding hood and moved my fingers even deeper into her until I felt her cum envelope my hand. She gasped and went limp next to me.
“I needed that so badly.”
She rubbed her forehead against the crook of my neck.
“So did I,” I said. “You’re one hell of a fuck.”
“You’re no slouch yourself. Now untie me.”
She tugged at the silken restraint.
“How do I know you won’t exact some sort of revenge?”
I gave her a look to convey my hopes that she would. I untied the scarf, handed it back to her and moved to the edge of the bed. Linda grabbed my wrist.
“Not so fast,” she said wrapping the scarf around my wrist too quickly for me to protest.
“I’m beginning to see why you thought this bed would be such a good investment,” I said surrendering to her devilish whims.






2 comments on “The New Bed

  • Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    You know at first I thought you wrote this. I have to reblog this particular story because those are the exact words that my wife uses, when we go out shopping and I really want something. i’m sure anyone that can relate to a certain thing that their partner does to encourage a mind change in their mate’s decision will appreciate this story. Thanks for sharing it. Del

    • I have to agree with Beautiful Nightmare. Perhaps you can describe the monemt leading up to IT but don’t actually describe it. Something that worked really well for me was having one character pull the sheets over her and her lover, then have it skip ahead to her waking up. It might be the best idea to not write about it in detail; a before-and-after thing.

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