‘Million Hoodie March’ draws thousands protesting justice in the murder of Trayvon Martin

Published 03/24/2012 by Sensi Boutique

its a very important story that needs to be shared.

Bazaar Daily News

PHILLY:  A local ‘Million of Hoodies’  march brought out pretty much the entire west side of Philly last night after it was reported by the local Philly star that crowds as big as thousands of people turned up to support the family of Trayvon Martin a slain teenager who was gunned down in Florida last month by a community watchman.

The protests & the case itself continue to gain national attention as police chiefs in the case are allegedly stepping down, new ones are stepping in, yet George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested.

Stay with us on Twitter @BazaarMedia for the latest news on Trayvon Martin.

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