Morning Calls

Published 03/26/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The scent of fresh cut grass fills the room, as a soft breeze enters the bedroom. Jessie walks in silently and sees Heather asleep laying under the comforter, one bare leg out. The beginning dawn is barely lighting up the bedroom with an orange glow– the start of a beautiful crisp day. Quietly, she undresses down to her underwear, slides into the bed with her naked lover, and kisses the sleeping beauty on her neck. Jess watches as Heather sleeps, quietly in awe of her breathtaking lady.
With a soft moan, Heather turns around, stretches out and wraps her arms around Jessie’s neck and whispers, “Good morning, baby.”
Jess leans down and kisses Heather on the lips, slides the rest of her clothing off, tossing it to the floor. Soft hands touch her back; Heather moves her hips and kisses Jessie’s neck moving down to her breasts. Breathing heavily, Jess moves along with Heather, their bodies moving slowly in a rhythm all their own. Her lover spreads her legs apart and a soft sigh escapes her mouth, as Jessie moves down her soft caramel skin. Jess uses her tongue and hands to explore the most sensitive parts of Heather’s body. Her back arches and she trembles with lust, as J finds the hard throbbing heat of passion, and lifts her hip to allow her to take in her tongue, her fingers. Heather begins to shake and as she reaches her peak she grabs onto Jessie’s hair and tugs on her short hair, squeezing her legs around head.
When her lover releases her legs, she crawls back up and kisses her, smearing her with her own juices. Hot with desire, she rubs herself against the hottest place on their bodies. Clit to clit, breast to breast, mouth to mouth. Heather whispers sweet words in her ear, telling her how much she’s been wanting, longing for her to take her like that.
“This was like my dream last night,” Heather says.
Together their bodies move as one, sweaty glistening bodies and lips locked together. Jessie feeling exhausted from a night’s work lays down on her belly, as Heather straddles her at the waist and rubs her back. Her massage puts Jess to a gentle slumber — until she is awakened with a soft wet tongue running along her back. Chills run up and down her spine and she is awake and ready for more. She turns around suddenly and sits up greeting Heather’s face with kisses on her eye lids, her nose, her cheeks, her mouth, hands cupping her face. Heather (horny lil rabbit, as she is, is eager for more) wraps her legs around J’s waist and she moves like she is dancing. Grinding her, hips moving in circles one way then another, slow, fast. H’s nails digging into Jess’s back. J pulling on her long dark hair. The only sound heard is their heavy breathing…. in the distance, birds are chirping…. just as the morning sun shines into their room.


a quickie to start the week off right from



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