TMI blog award goes to……………………

Published 03/29/2012 by Sensi Boutique

To my pleasant surprise to-day I was nominated for the TMI Award. What a great honor this is and Id like to thank for blowing my mind with this great award.

The TMI Blog Award honors those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humor and little to no filter.

Here are the rules

  • Thank the person who presented you with the award.
  • Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate story in 250 words or less.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the TMI Blog Award to 5 – 10 deserving blogs.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

so after some thought here goes it

I must have been about 19 and had dated this guy for a couple of months we will call him D. Now D was older than me and my friends so he would get us alcohol and one night before I was going to hang out with three of my best friends he did just that. However I wanted to hang out with him for a few hours before the nights festivities.

My friends had called to see if we got the beers and to know what time I would be meeting up with them. We agreed to meet around  7 that night. Since it was only 5 I figured I had plenty of time to have some quality alone time with D. The plan seemed flawless.

D and I were watching a movie, one thing led to another and things started heating up. Now shared an apartment with his younger brother but his room was way down the hall so we did not have to worry.

Time fly’s faster when your on a schedule I swear. My phone was on vibrate so I never heard my silly friends calling and calling and calling. It wasnt until D’s brother was banging on the door apologising and yelling ”  D come quick I think some girls are trying to steal your girlfriends car”  that I even thought about those silly friends of mine.

The girls had decided that since it was now 8 and they were ready to start the party early they would go get check to see if I lock my car doors and grab the beers. Well the alarm on the car was set but due to the ghetto nature of the car the doors were unlocked.

By the time I was dressed and looking out the window, all three were standing next to the car willing the alarm to stop unsuccessfully.

Moral of the story: don’t keep the party waiting.

Hope you all enjoyed my embarrassing story

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