I No Its Wrong But…………

Published 04/27/2012 by Sensi Boutique

I know its wrong to judge others, not because god, the church or the bible tells me to but because my parents taught me to be accepting. They also taught me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” and “if house cats go outside the die”( My parents are interesting folks) Now I do my very best not to judge people and I consider my self  well-mannered however today I don’t have anything “nice” to say.

I have a bit of a rant going on in my head today. Now most of these thoughts are probably due to lack of sleep and a long night at work. You have officially been warned!

Todays Issues total 2:

Issue One

Crazy obnoxious religious folk.

Need I really say anything more? I’m confused about where these people get off judging others and sending all us gays to hell. I don’t judge you,  we are not spewing venom about how rude, and hateful you come across or how your going to hell for judging my lifestyle.  Now originally I had limited this rant/ issue to Christians but I have amended it to include all crazy religious people. ( my mom also taught me not to discriminate)  Now as the saying goes opinions are like assholes, we all got one. I have lots of opinions on lots of things.  I take issue with these religious zealots trying to force their beliefs and opinions down everyone’s throat. When did america become a place that says my way is right and your wrong so  pass go and straight to jail or hell your pick?  I firmly belive that everyone is entitled to live free. Free from persecution for their beliefs and lifestyles.  It is purely my opinion and my blog so I can say what pleases me. I am a proud married lesbian, who believes in God but not the bible.

Do people judge other people’s lifestyles to mask their own crappy lives?

I don’t honestly care what people do in their lives, whether it be church, sex, gambling, escorts, knitting, bingo, rodeo, hinting, video games, hording, cutting,origami, eating,  sleeping, or what ever else makes you happy. Be happy and be honest with yourself. If I could find a genie and get 3 wishes one of those wishes would be that everyone in the world would stop being judgmental and start being accepting. My second wish would be to be a billionaire and my third wish would be for a unicorn. Unicorns kick serious ass.

Ok rant/ issue one is now rested. moving on to issue 2

Issue Two

Reality TV ( specifically “to young to be fat”)

So this afternoon I stumbled upon this show on TLC “To Young To Be Fat”. Now my first giant mistake was stopping at the TLC channel. This whole network is just ridiculous on its own. Whatever I enjoy train wreck TV now and again. What other channel shows you gypsies, little people, and or wedding dresses? What really sent me over the edge today was this specific show that was more of a documentary on childhood obesity. This is a huge problem ( pardon the pun) in america. Kids are fat, adults are fat, hey even my dog is fat. Most of the show was pretty good, it started out with a handful of kids who in an effort to turn their round little bodies into heathy little bodies go to “fat camp”. I think it’s a great idea to help kids learn the healthy habits they have not been taught at home.

The part of the show that really started at least half of this awesome blog rant was one particular girl and her parents were opting to have lipo instead of dieting and exercise. Now at first I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had some heath problem and could not exercise or eat heathy. Epic fail on my part. Her only issue was she had low iron. It’s amazing that people are constantly looking for an easy way out. What made it worst was her mother was all about her getting this elective surgery.

Again this is only my opinion, but I think a lot of the obesity problems start at home with parents not teaching children correctly. Now when my wife and I adopt or steal a cute gayby ( see the blog by the funnest blogger ever sweetmother) he or she will be taught heathy eating habits along with how to kill zombies, manners, Xbox 360 basics, how to hit a baseball, and importantly not to judge others.

Wow I feel better! everyone needs to rant once in a while and today was my day. Now that I have that off my mind i can get to all my unpure sexy thoughts, video games, and a much-needed nap.  We will be shortly getting back to our regular blog topics hopefully after the nap and before the video games.

with love,


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