Getting Into Gear

Published 05/23/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Like the title says I’m getting into gear, hopefully I find 5th gear and don’t stick to 2nd. I have been a very bad little blogger ;( I know and I’m on a mission to fix that! I will get back on a post a day parade ( who knows maybe I will surprise you all with 2 in one day).
Now I make no real promises to focus this blog on any specific subject matter but I’ll try to stick with what excites me most. That part is topic secret so tune in later today or maybe tomorrow for some mind blowing facts, stories, and my personal thoughts on life as I know it.

Thank you to all of you new and old followers
Sincerely Yours

2 comments on “Getting Into Gear

  • You sooo have been missing in action Missy! LOL! Put the controls down and step away from the game, I thought we talked about this. LOL!

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