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very interesting blog on why some relationships fail

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Top 10 Reasons Why We’re Dumped

By Piper Weiss, Shine Staff | Love + Sex – 4 hours ago

A post-it note with no explanation? We should be so lucky. (Sex and the City/HBO)”I’m not ready for a relationship.” If those six words have ever snapped open your rib cage and scooped out your heart like a gut hook, then you might be a woman.

It’s the most popular excuse women hear when they’re being dumped, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The results are based on more than 500 male and female users of Wot Went Wrong, a reverse dating site that allows exes to get and give answers about unsuccessful relationships.

In a period of four months, 15 percent of female users got the “not ready” response– the kind of reason that makes you want to ask more questions. But you might not want to dig too deep.


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    In my past I was always the one who was never ready to commit to relationships. Don’t get me wrong, there were some relationships it’s just that some of those so called relationship just drain a person, so when the next person came along and they could had been good relationship material an automatic alert sounded off in my head, “Don’t do it, remember what last time,” and I just push that person away out of fear that the same cycle would ensue.

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