Same Old Thing…Maybe Not

Published 08/10/2012 by Sensi Boutique



Another Friday night in the house with nothing to do Sanaya thought to herself as she sat on the opposite end of the couch staring at her girlfriend of three years. The night had started out promising with plans of watching a movie together and cuddling up under each other. Sanaya had hoped that the romantic movie she picked out and the combined cuddling would lead to a night of their own personal romance. Unfortunately, all it had led to was Nadi falling asleep halfway through the movie and leaving Sanaya thoroughly pissed off. As soon as she heard the light snoring emanating from Nadi as she was snuggled under her arm Sanaya knew that this Friday night was going to be the same old thing.
Sanaya thought back to a year ago when they made a decision to live together and the excitement of taking the next step in their relationship. It had never occurred to her that two months into co-habitation they would fall victims to lesbian bed death. The sexual part of their relationship had never been an issue and they prided themselves on being the couple that could never get enough of each other. Now it seemed that they were doing good if they had sex twice a month.
Sanaya knew that she couldn’t place the blame on just one of them. Somehow they had both fallen into a routine and sex wasn’t a part of that. Every now and then one of them would make a successful attempt at bringing the sexy back into the bedroom with assurances of keeping it up, but 24 hours later they would be back at their routine and it would be another several weeks before things got heated up again. Sanaya couldn’t understand what happened. It wasn’t as if she didn’t still find Nadi attractive; it was quite the opposite. She would find herself daydreaming about Nadi throughout the day when she was away from her. The woman was sexy as hell and that could not be denied. She often caught other woman and men stealing peeps at her when they ventured out together. When they first started dating, Sanaya didn’t understand why the men were looking given Nadi’s androgynous appearance but recognized that beauty is beauty regardless of how it was bottled. She relished in the attention her girlfriend received and would inwardly smile knowing that the glares of others always held envy behind them.
There was also no denying that Nadi was still very much drawn to Sanaya. Nadi, in her defense never had a problem showing her physical affection towards Sanaya with kisses and hugs when they were in each other’s presence no matter the environment. It was clear that these outward displays of love weren’t meant to lead to anything sexual, just her way of saying “I love you” without using the obvious words.
Sanaya took in her girlfriend’s presence again and smiled. As mad as she was, she loved this woman and couldn’t think of anything that would change that, sex or no sex. Sanaya allowed her eyes to gaze over Nadi’s side profile. She looked so uncomfortable slumped slightly against the arm rest of the couch but damn if she wasn’t beautiful. Her dreadlocks just reached to her shoulders and were visibly soft; compliments of her Native American heritage. She wasn’t full blooded Native American but the reddish tint of her mocha complexion was definitely attributed the ancestry of her Native American side. Her mother’s African American heritage contributed to the smooth silky mocha color of her skin and the combination of both sides produced one whole specimen of exquisiteness.
The chirp of Sanaya’s cell phone disrupted the beginning of what was sure to turn into an eye undressing of Nadi as she slept. Sanaya grabbed her cell phone from the floor to read the text message she received. It was from her friend Marisol.
“Hola mujer! Que haces?Voy a una fiesta, quieres venir?”
Marisol never spoke to Sanaya in English and that included text messages and emails. When she learned that Sanaya spoke Spanish even though she wasn’t Hispanic she made a decision to only communicate with her in Español. Every once in a while she would use Spanglish but never full English. Sanaya responded in both which annoyed Marisol but she let her slide as long as she used Spanish more than half of the time. Marisol knew that the only way Sanaya would be able to keep her Spanish fresh was to use it frequently. The fact that Marisol stuck to this vow made Sanaya happy since it had been five years since they met and she never wavered.
Sanaya debated whether she should take Marisol up on her offer to go to a party tonight since her plans of a romantic evening fell through. She decided against it. She knew Nadi would be offended that she went out when they planned to stay in tonight. She texted Marisol back.
“Hey chica. No, I’m going to stay in tonight. Tx. Llámeme mañana!”
“Por que? Estás con la novia? Siendo fresco?”
“Lol, no I’m not being fresh, I wish. She is sleeping.”
“I’m not waking her. She should have stayed awake. It’s the same old thing all the time.”
“Tomas dos mujer!”
“Yeah it takes two but one of us is sleeping.
Whatever, what’s another few weeks anyway, right?” “Semanas?”
“Yes mujer! Weeks! All the time. Same old thing, like I said.”
“Entonces, para el esperar!
“I stopped waiting a long time ago. Buenas noches Marisol.”
“Buenas noches Naya!”
The text message conversation had Sanaya’s thoughts churning. She knew that Marisol was right. It does take two to make anything in a relationship work but for some reason Sanaya had become complacent with Nadi being the initiator most times. It wasn’t unusual for Sanaya to initiate sex but most often Nadi got things physically going. Sanaya was more vocal about her desires without putting action behind the words. She placed her phone back on the carpet and tried to relax on the couch and watch television. After five minutes the channel surfing lost its entertainment and Sanaya decided to call it a night.
“I’m going to bed.” Sanaya stated out loud. Her voice was low enough that it didn’t wake Nadi. She considered waking her up and telling her to get into bed but decided against it. This was her own little punishment for Nadi falling asleep on her. Sanaya made a detour to the kitchen first to grab a bottle of water. She always liked to have water at her bedside just in case she became thirsty in the middle of the night. When she entered the kitchen she realized that she hadn’t put the leftover Thai food away. Sanaya quietly put the food away, grabbed her bottle of water and went upstairs to bed.
Sanaya replaced her boy shorts and tank top with pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. She knew that Nadi hated when she wore too much clothing to bed and wanted to continue her small dose of punishment. Sanaya slid into bed and dozed off to sleep in minutes.
One hour later…
“Wake up Sanaya.” Nadi whispered harshly into Sanaya’s ear with her hand wrapped tightly around her neck. Sanaya’s eyes flew open and immediately felt the slight constriction around her neck while she stared into to the angered glare of Nadi’s light brown eyes. Nadi was hovered over her only inches from her face.
“Wha…” Sanaya tried to say something but the flex of Nadi’s hand around her neck obstructed her from saying anything further.
“Shh, I don’t want to hear you say anything.” Nadi stated with the same amount of menace that she had when she startled Sanaya awake but loosened her grasp on her neck only slightly. Nadi stared into Sanaya’s eyes daring her to say something but Sanaya didn’t want to chance this encounter. This was unlike her and Sanaya wasn’t sure what to expect at this point. What she did know was that she had a mixture of fear and excitement racing through her. Both emotions were fighting for control and Sanaya was unsure of which emotion to allow domination.
Still staring at Sanaya, Nadi proceeded to speak again. “You talk too much Sanaya. It’s gonna get you into trouble one day.” Sanaya didn’t dare lose eye contact but wanted to ask what was going on but the fear inside her had started winning out and put off the idea of even twitching her lips.
“You trying to piss me off tonight Sanaya?” Nadi asked. Sanaya just stared still afraid to speak.
“I asked you a question Sanaya. I don’t read minds.” Nadi stated into her ear and then nipped at her earlobe.
“No.” Sanaya answered.
“No what Sanaya? Don’t give me one word answers.” Nadi continued nibbling on her ear and moved down to her neck nipping and kissing.
Sanaya involuntarily let out a moan. “No I’m not trying to piss you off.”
“What’s my name Sanaya?” Nadi asked still placing kisses on her neck.
“Nadi.” Sanaya answered unable to avoid the pleasure she was beginning to feel from Nadi’s kisses. She still hadn’t moved her hand from around Sanaya’s neck but had loosened her grip enough that she could breathe better.
“That’s a one word answer.” Nadi tightened her grip on Sanaya’s neck and started sucking on an area of her neck that wasn’t covered by her hand.
Sanaya felt her body responding to the pain and pleasure of being choked and kissed at the same time. This was unusual behavior from Nadi and Sanaya hadn’t decided if she liked it yet but she couldn’t admit that she didn’t like it.
“I..I don’t know wh..what you want me to s..say.” Sanaya tried to respond in between moans.
“Figure it out Sanaya….fast.” Nadi stated. Sanaya noticed that the tone in Nadi’s voice never once changed. Everything she said had a harsh tone to it but at this point it didn’t scare her it actually turned her on. She tried to think back to what Nadi had asked her and was confused. Her mind was trying to think while her body relished in the pleasure it was receiving. She could feel herself dampening and was surprised by the effect this was having on her. She decided to just say the last thing she said before and add Nadi’s name. She didn’t know if that was right but she could think past the kisses.
“I’m not tr..try…trying to p..piss you off N..Nadi.”
“That’s better Sanaya.” Nadi said as she loosened her grip again. “Unfortunately, I don’t believe you.”
Sanaya’s eyes widened. “Why?”
“I didn’t ask you a question. Why are you talking?” Nadi asked.
“I’m sorry.” Sanaya whispered out.
“Don’t let it happen again Sanaya. Now tell me why you have so much clothing on in my bed.”
The words wouldn’t form fast enough and Sanaya continued to just stare at Nadi. She didn’t think it a good idea to tell her that it was indeed to piss her off.
“Answer me Sanaya.” Nadi stated using her other hand to lightly pinch Sanaya’s nipple under her shirt.
“Oh..shit.” Sanaya moaned out loud.
“That’s not an answer.” Nadi pinched harder.
“Uh..I was..I was cold Nadi.” Sanaya forced out as an answer before releasing a loud moan of pleasure.
“Bullshit Sanaya, but if you want to continue to piss me off then you will have to deal with the consequences.”
Nadi released her hand from Sanaya’s neck and kissed and licked her neck in the same place that her hand had been. Sanaya couldn’t pretend that it didn’t feel good and attempted to grind her hips up to meet Nadi’s pelvis. Nadi refused to make contact with Sanaya’s body.
“Stop moving Sanaya…now.” Sanaya immediately halted her hips.
Nadi moved off Sanaya and pulled her up into a sitting position yanking her shirt off. Nadi’s eyes instantly settled on Sanaya’s breast. Her full breasts had always been a weakness for Nadi and the sight of them now was threatening to soften Nadi. She averted her eyes from the dark mocha nipples that she so desperately wanted to suckle on and narrowed her eyes at Sanaya. She was still peeved at her for her shit talking no matter how delicious she looked.
Nadi had woken up from an uncomfortable sleep on the couch and noticed that Sanaya was no longer with her. That instantly made her mad and she decided she was going to wake her up by being loud when she got into the bedroom. When she stood up from the couch she noticed that Sanaya had left her cell phone on the floor. She picked up the phone and accidentally pressed a button lighting up the screen on the last text message conversation Sanaya had. Curiosity had gotten the best of Nadi for some reason and she read what she could understand in the conversation with Marisol. What she did understand pissed her off and she was certain that she was going to wake Sanaya up but her desires had changed. She didn’t want to wake her up for the sake of waking her, she now wanted to “reprimand” her for talking shit.
“Same old thing, huh? We’ll see about that.” Nadi said to herself as she made her way upstairs to their bedroom. The thoughts swimming through her mind were turning her on and she knew that she had to act on them. She couldn’t let Sanaya talk shit to her friends about their relationship and think there wouldn’t be consequences.
“Take your bottoms off Sanaya.” Nadi said. Sanaya hesitantly started pulling her pajamas bottoms off. She still didn’t want to take the chance of doing something to make Nadi mad. She could tell that she was serious and was uncertain of what Nadi was thinking. The excitement of the unknown invigorated Sanaya at the same time that it frightened her.
“Faster Sanaya.” Nadi stated sternly still glaring at her. Nadi was sitting upright at the head of the bed and waited impatiently for Sanaya to finish.
Once Sanaya had her pajamas off she laid back down next to Nadi.
“That’s not where I want you Sanaya. Lay across my lap.”
“What?” Sanaya asked.
“Lay across my lap and don’t question me again.” Nadi stated through clenched teeth.
Sanaya moved slowly and reluctantly laid across Nadi’s lap. She wanted to ask what she planned to do but didn’t want to anger her any further. “Sanaya, please don’t make me wait again when I ask you to do something.” Nadi stated while she rubbed her hand gently across Sanaya’s plump chocolate ass. This sight of her bare ass put all kinds of thoughts in Nadi’s head but she was focused on the task at hand. “I’m pissed off enough and I don’t think it would be wise to defy me right now.”
“I’m sorry Nadi.” Sanaya responded. Nadi smacked Sanaya’s ass without mercy. “Ouch, shit.” Sanaya screamed.
“I didn’t ask you to apologize Sanaya.” Nadi tenderly rubbed her hand on the spot she just smacked and then brought her hand up and smacked again just as hard. “Nadi baby please!” Sanaya yelled again.
“This will go better for you if you start listening.” she said as she smacked her ass again.
Sanaya couldn’t deny that as much as this was hurting it was exciting her as well. She could feel the moistness between her legs increasing and she was surprised that she was feeling this way. The demanding tone from Nadi was sending thrills through Sanaya that electrified her. She smacked Sanaya’s ass once again and then pulled her hair forcing Sanaya to lift off Nadi’s lap onto her knees on the bed. Nadi loved having her hands in Sanaya’s long dreads and tugged on them just for effect.
“Uh Na..” Sanaya stopped herself from finishing for fear of what that could cause Nadi to do next. “Straddle me.” Nadi commanded without releasing the grip she had on Sanaya’s hair. Sanaya moved to straddle Nadi and noticed that she was wearing her strap-on. Somehow she had missed it when she was lying across her Nadi’s lap. She figured that she must’ve had it tucked between her thighs. Sanaya’s eyes moved from the strap-on to Nadi’s face and she was met with a smirk but no words left her mouth as she sat against the headboard of their bed.
“I don’t like waiting.” Nadi stated.
Sanaya moved onto Nadi and stopped just short of the very life like silicone dildo uncertain of what she was supposed to do next. Nadi reached around her and slapped her ass letting her actions speak for her. Sanaya looked into Nadi’s eyes and understood what was expected of her. She moved forward and lifted her hips up enough to accommodate the thick 8″ dildo. Sanaya was grateful that she was lubricated enough from her own juices to ease onto the dildo taking her time and easing down inch by inch placing her hands on Nadi’s shoulders to assist her. She continued to stare into Nadi’s face hoping to get something to interpret in her expression but Nadi was stone faced and the only thing that could be interpreted was that she wasn’t playing any games with Sanaya.
Sanaya couldn’t argue that as unprecedented as this was it was exciting and turning her on in ways she had not expected. Sanaya allowed herself to be filled all the way by Nadi and relished in the fullness of it. Without instruction, Sanaya began to move up and down on the dildo enjoying the friction and closing her eyes in the process. As she began to get more and more into it Nadi grabbed her hips and stopped her from moving. “I don’t remember telling you to do more than straddle me.” Nadi stated. She didn’t want to admit that she had started taking pleasure in watching and feeling Sanaya on top her. She didn’t want to give Sanaya the impression that she was done “disciplining” her and had to stop her from moving.
“I’m sorry Nadi.” Was the only response from Sanaya as she reluctantly stopped the rhythm she had found on top of her.
Nadi continued to stare at Sanaya taking in the beauty she possessed. She thought about how she immediately fell for her the first time she laid eyes on her at what is now their favorite coffee shop. Sanaya was sitting at a table in the back corner alone reading a book. She was so engrossed in the book that she didn’t even notice Nadi walk up on her.
“Excuse me, do you mind if I share this table with you?” Nadi asked grateful this one time that the place was crowded.
“Umm sure, no problem.” Sanaya responded moving her bag that was occupying the other chair. Sanaya pretended not to notice how sexy this stranger was but couldn’t help but take another glance and prayed to keep her image in her mind long enough to conjure it up tonight as she pleasured herself to a mind shattering climax. Sanaya instantly felt her face become heated from the thought and the embarrassment of thinking such thoughts about this woman she didn’t know while she sat right there. Sanaya grabbed her mug of hot chocolate and took a sip and went back to her book.
Nadi had hoped that her intrusion on the pretty girl’s reading would be a conversation starter but she realized that this woman was paying her no mind. She appeared to be very much into her book and Nadi couldn’t figure out another way to get her attention. She wasn’t even sure if this woman was gay but she was too beautiful to pass up the chance of finding out.
“Baby, I’m a bit uncomfortable sitting here. I’m sorry.” Sanaya stated interrupting her thoughts. Nadi could hear the hesitancy in Sanaya’s voice. She understood her concern of speaking to Nadi and for some reason this unusual submissiveness in Sanaya really turned her on.
“What would you like me to do about that Sanaya?”
“Tell me what to do Nadi.” Sanaya whispered.
“You’re learning well. Kiss me.” Nadi stated.
Without hesitation, Sanaya leaned in and rested her lips against Nadi. She wasn’t sure of how far to go with it but before she could pull back Nadi’s lips opened inviting Sanaya in and she needed no instruction from there. Sanaya slipped her tongue into Nadi’s mouth and began to explore that familiarity. She loved kissing Nadi and as the both of them became more absorbed in each other Sanaya could feel her insides producing the juices that were threatening to dry out as she sat uncomfortably on Nadi’s hard silicone cock. As the kissing heated up the movement in Nadi’s hips did as well. Sanaya didn’t dare move until she felt Nadi’s hands on her hips guiding her to find the rhythm with her. Nadi broke their kiss and stared once again in Sanaya’s face.
“Open your eyes Sanaya.” Nadi whispered. She wanted to take her all in. She always loved her big doe eyes and the wildness behind them that begged to be released. Nadi loved how her lips would purse together as she was enthralled in pleasure and then as she was climaxing her thick pouty lips would take on the shape of an O. Nadi loved to watch her face; captivated by the gratification etched in it.Nadi’s movements sped up as she thought about the look she wanted to see on Sanaya’s face. She thrusted upward pounding into her physically begging for that O. This was the only “same old thing” she was willing to allow to happen tonight as she thrust up one last time and then restrained from bringing herself and Sanaya to orgasm as she remembered her “mission.”

“Get up Sanaya.”

The disappointment was obvious in Sanaya’s face as she unwillingly stopped moving and did as she was told. The “compliance” from Sanaya was igniting dominance inside Nadi that she hadn’t ever unleashed. She was always content with the uniform way of their lovemaking. Neither of them taking supreme control but always providing the satisfaction necessary to keep each other fulfilled. But this new dominance was fulfilling as well and she could see that as much as Sanaya had some underlying fears she was just as excited.

“Where do you want me?” Sanaya asked sitting on her knees at the edge of the bed, letting her feet dangle off the edge.

Nadi got off the bed and stood behind her. Sanaya tensed briefly as Nadi used her right hand and lightly gripped the front of her neck below her chin. She used her left hand to rub over the soft curves of her stomach not stopping until she reached the low trimmed hair on her mound. Sanaya braced for what was next enthused by the thought of Nadi touching her sensitive bud. Nadi kissed the back of Sanaya’s neck sending shivers throughout her and then whispered in her ear.

“On your hands and knees.” She commanded in answer to Sanaya; releasing her completely.

Sanaya had to catch herself from falling backwards, realizing that she had allowed her body to surrender to the anticipated pleasure and was relying on the presence of Nadi’s body to hold her up. After righting herself, Sanaya did as she was told and leaned forward on her hands looking back over her shoulder at Nadi. For some reason the vulnerable position made her slightly uncomfortable and she tried to interpret what thoughts were going through Nadi’s head by reading her eyes. Nadi refused to look at Sanaya and kept her eyes trained on the dark brown plump ass in front of her; still faintly red from her earlier spanking.

Nadi smacked her right ass cheek extracting a yelp from Sanaya. The sound thrilled Nadi and caused her to equal it out and smack the left hoping to hear the yelp again. As if she knew what was expected of her, Sanaya yelped again; completely and utterly turned on. She was feeling empty not having Nadi inside her any longer and wanted to plead with her to stop making her wait. She knew that speaking now would only result in pleasurable pain but not the pleasure she was looking for or a prolonged wait for what she did want. Sanaya waited and inwardly pleaded for Nadi to fill her again. She wiggled her ass subtly trying to entice her girlfriend to do something.

Nadi knew that Sanaya was totally turned on and trying her hardest to be patient for the next move. The juices running down the inside of her thighs were a tell tale sign of how aroused she was. The sight of her thighs glistening from the wetness kindled another desire in Nadi. She crouched to her knees and instantly dove into Sanaya’s sweetness. She tasted so good Nadi wasn’t certain that she would be able to stop herself. She swirled her tongue all around her dipping inside her hole to get more of her taste and sucking every so often on her hardened clit. “Oh shit baby, that feels so good.” Sanaya moaned out; dipping herself low so that Nadi had all access to her goodies. She didn’t want her to miss a spot because the spots she was handling felt amazing. She thought it only fair that the rest of her was just as equally stimulated. The desire to be inside Sanaya increased as she became more and more wet, but Nadi wasn’t ready to halt her sensual tongue lashing. She used her two fingers to penetrate Sanaya and enjoyed the loud moan that escaped her releasing her own moan at the feel of Sanaya’s walls cocooning her fingers. She inserted and retreated at a steady pace as Sanaya united in rhythm and bucked her hips backwards meeting the thrusts of Nadi’s fingers.

Sanaya was in heaven and nothing could bring her down. She felt her orgasm fast approaching and was so ready to climax.

“Don’t even think about it Sanaya, not yet.” Nadi stated as she withdrew her fingers from inside her. She could feel Sanaya’s walls contracting around her fingers and knew she was near orgasm. The dominance in Nadi rejected the idea of this being over and regardless of how good she felt snuggled inside her she still needed to remind Sanaya who was in charge. This meant she climaxes when Nadi gives her permission to do so.

“Oh shit baby, don’t do this to me.” Sanaya whined. “I’m so close, you feel so good inside me.”

“You already know what it is Sanaya. You come when I tell you.” Nadi stated before placing kisses on both ass cheeks. “Turn over.” Sanaya turned over to her back and spread her legs, hoping that Nadi would continue. She fell empty and wanted to be filled again. Nadi allowed her eyes to gaze over Sanaya’s full figured body. Sanaya was perfect to her. She was petite in height at about 5’4″ and 190 pounds. She loved the fullness of her breasts and the deep brown coloring of her skin. She knew that Sanaya was insecure about her size and shape but she often ensured her that she didn’t want her to change. She would support her if that was what she decided but she never wanted her to change for Nadi’s sake. She loved her the way she was and always would.

Nadi layed on top of Sanaya and kissed her on her neck; sucking the places she knew drove Sanaya crazy. She used her right hand to guide her extension into Sanaya, taking her time knowing that this alone could be Sanaya’s undoing.

Sanaya wrapped her arms around Nadi grabbing her ass in assistance to push the dildo to the hilt. Nadi allowed her and paused for a second before pulling almost all the way out and then plunging back into her with force. Nadi continued to plunge in and out of Sanaya savoring the feeling of the friction against her own sensitive bud. Nadi adjusted herself and placed her hands on both sides of Sanaya’s head giving her an angle to look down at her. In and out she continued watching the bliss in Sanaya’s face, feeling her own release building within her.

Sanaya’s moans increased in frequency and volume and Nadi knew she was close. At this point, she couldn’t and didn’t want to prolong the orgasm that they were both so close to achieving. “Come for me Sanaya.” Nadi commanded still staring her in the face. Sanaya looked into Nadi’s eyes and hoped that the look she gave showed her appreciation. Sanaya wrapped her legs around Nadi and thrusted upwards meeting her thrust for thrust. She couldn’t keep her eyes open as she felt her orgasm building momentum and move through her to her pelvic area. Nadi drove into her faster and faster ready to release but now willing to until her love did.

“Nadi, oh baby, I’m coming, I’m coming.” Sanaya yelled as her head thrashed side to side and she held onto Nadi harder. The sight and sound of Sanaya sent Nadi over the edge and she couldn’t hold it any longer as she came undone and climaxed as well.

“Fuck baby, damn you make me crazy!” Nadi groaned out.

As the both of them came down from their orgasms Nadi kissed Sanaya on her lips slipping her tongue into her mouth. Sanaya’s reception of her kiss fueled Nadi on forcing her to kiss her deeper. Nadi broke the kiss and rolled off Sanaya and got out of the bed. She needed to get the strap-on off so she could lie down comfortably. She could feel herself getting heated up again but wanted to take pleasure in just holding Sanaya before she made love to her this time. Sanaya stayed on her back catching her breath and enjoying the feelings still stirring in her. She began to drift off when Nadi’s voice interrupted her.

“Don’t even think about going to sleep yet.” Nadi whispered in command in her ear.

“I’m sorry Nadi.” Sanaya responded realizing that Nadi had laid back on the bed beside her propped on her elbow.

“So Sanaya…” Nadi whispered in her ear. “what were you saying about the same old thing?” Sanaya’s eyes met Nadi’s narrowed ones and she immediately realized that she had been caught. This was not about excessive clothes in the bed, it was about a text message. Sanaya smiled at the thought of her girlfriend being nosey and made a mental note to leave her phone lying around more often.

Sanaya felt herself drifting off again only to be pleasantly interrupted by soft lips against hers. She opened her eyes and read the look of desire in Nadi’s. All thoughts of sleep vanished as she reciprocated the passion laced kissed and surrendered to Nadi once again….and hopefully not for the last time.

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