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What your sexy dreams really mean?

Published 06/25/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Aside from being a naughty bedtime treat, your sizzling visions give  a fascinating peek into your psyche. At some point, we’ve all gotten lucky in dreamland. Whether your racy reverie is red hot(bedding Josh Hartnett) or just strange (knocking boots with the guy who signs your paycheck), there’s a reason why it popped into your head. “

Sexy dreams reveal your desires and anxieties,” says Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of Erotic Dreams.“Your subconscious uses these raw, lustful situations to sort out emotions you may not be confronting in waking life.” Sure, maybe you already know dreams serve as a portal to your psyche, but you might not realize how obscure their implications can be. In fact, your dirtiest scenes often aren’t about sex at all.


Oh, and those “innocent” imaginings where you’re flying in the sky or brushing your hair? Loaded with sexual meaning. While everyone’s nocturnal fantasies and day-to-day issues vary, Cosmo asked dream experts to shed light on the most common sexy shut-eye musings. Get the scoop before bed tonight.


Getting Passionate with a Wacky Partner

A dream where you’re scorching the sheets with your boss or best buddy? Yikes. Although you may assume this scandalous vision means you harbor hot-and-heavy feelings, the actual implications are generally PG. “You probably admire a quality that person possesses and want to develop it within yourself,” explains Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming. Maybe you crave the head honcho’s success or wish you had your friend’s confidence.

On lucky nights, a Hollywood hottie, like Patrick Dempsey, might make a guest appearance. While celeb sex dreams could just be mental candy your brain has cooked up for fun, there’s probably more to it. “To singles, it’s a reminder that amazing prospects are out there, and it also clues you in to the kind of man you want,” says Garfield.

If you’re already one half of a twosome, it may point to a yearning for a trait your guy lacks or — if you’re blissfully content — affirm you’ve scored with a star-quality man. In this case, you’ve found your McDreamy.

No Place to Get Busy

You’re on a hunt for a place to have sex with your man, but problems arise that make hooking up impossible. “This suggests a loss of intimacy between you and him,” explains Holloway. “Women tend to have this dream before or after a breakup.” Although you’ve struggled to make it work, something — like mismatched goals — has prevented it.

However, if you and your man are happily coupled, the dream may indicate that there’s an obstacle you’re trying to overcome — maybe it’s a long-distance issue or even just that you’re unsure what the future holds.

Having Sex for All  to See

Right in the middle of a XXX romp, you suddenly realize you’re onstage or in a roomful of people…with all eyes on you. “If the crowd makes you self-conscious, you could be worried that people are gossiping about your relationship,” says Holloway. Think about it: Are you afraid your pals don’t like him? Did  you start dating while he was still with someone else? On the other  hand, should being in the spotlight feel deliciously naughty, it means  you have a hankering to flaunt your sizzling sex life to the world.

Cheating  on Your Man

It’s pretty unsettling to imagine getting busy  behind your guy’s back. “You usually dream of sleeping with someone else  soon after taking a major relationship step, like getting engaged,”  says Holloway. “Any uneasiness about making such a huge life change can  manifest in your dreams.” It doesn’t mean you have regrets; you’re just  experiencing normal concerns, like that you’re missing out on other  potential mates or you’ll one day discover he’s not right for you.

On the flip side: “If your man’s the unfaithful one, ask yourself if  you’re resenting him for some reason,” suggests Holloway. “This dream  can expose feelings of emotional abandonment, like maybe he’s working a  lot or you’re more serious about your bond than he is.”


Flying Through the Sky

You’ve had a mind-blowing booty session recently, right? That would explain why you’re soaring in your sleep. “The freewheeling rush you get from whizzing through the air could be a mental celebration of great sex,” explains Garfield. “The thrilling sensations in the dream are similar to the high you experience when you climax.” If you haven’t had a hot hookup lately, the aerial illusions may be related to an intense romantic encounter, like going out with a guy you really like or hearing the L word from your beau for the first time.

A  Man Holding a Phallic Object Appears

Okay, if you dream of a guy with a baseball bat in hand or a log hoisted under his arm, heads up. “It means there’s a man in your life whom you’re attracted to, but either you’re not fully aware of your feelings or you don’t want to admit you’re into him,” says Holloway. The object of your affection may be someone who is totally not your type or an off-limits guy, like your man’s best bud. And just so you know, the guy you’re secretly lusting after may not necessarily be the hose-wielding hottie in your reverie.

An Animal  Encounter

When a stallion makes a late-night appearance, it suggests you’re getting in touch with your wild side. “Galloping on a horse symbolizes that you feel alive, liberated, and in control sexually,” says Holloway. The rhythm and speed of riding feels similar to the steady tempo of sex (as does any rhythmic motion, from swinging to climbing stairs, notes Garfield), and being atop a huge, powerful animal echoes the exhilaration of being with a man.

Not all animal-related scenarios are positive though. If scaly reptiles give you the heebie-jeebies, then a snake nightmare (hello, talk about phallic!) points to worries you have, possibly about sex, according to Gayle Delaney, PhD, author of All About Dreams. “Also, most people connect snakes with being sneaky,” adds Garfield. “This dream could signal you’ve subconsciously picked up on the fact that a guy you’ve been seeing is using you for sex or hiding something about his sexual past.” Call it intuition…in fantasy form.

You  Suddenly Have Superlong Locks

Envisioning a Rapunzel-like mane while mid-REM serves as a carnal wake-up call — you have been putting sex on the back burner and are ready to devote due energy to satisfying your erotic drive. “Long hair represents sensuality and femininity, encouraging you to let your natural impulses rule,” says Holloway. So stop snoozing on your sex life and seek out the kind of action you’ve only, uh, dreamed of.

Originator: Cosmopolitan

Women Who Use Birth Control Are the 99 Percent

Published 05/29/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Reality check: Nearly every American woman has used some form of contraception.

—By Dave Gilson and Maddie Oatman

| Fri Feb. 10, 2012 4:00 AM PST
Source: Guttmacher Institute (PDF)

The Body Politic

American women ages 15–44 who have had sex and used contraception, by race (2006-2008)

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (PDF)

By Any Means Necessary

Contraceptive methods used by American women ages 15–44 who have had sex (2006-2008)

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (PDF)

found this very interesting story and facts at:



I fully belive that most women are smart enough to understand that it only takes one time to either get pregnant or worse get an STD. My advice has always been to be safe not sorry. Unless we get to a point in life that our smart phone app can scan someone to see if they have a disease, and put a barrier around your body that prevents unplanned babies PLEASE people use protection!!!!!!!

Everyone is doing it!

Your Cell Phone Might Soon Be Able To Detect STDs

Published 05/29/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Now if this story is actually true , which im sure it just has to be health insurances are going to be out raged. Now im sure a prego testing app is on its way right behind this jucy app.

From SMS to STD–is there anything smart phones won’t be able to do?

Doctors and researchers in the UK are working on a chip that will detect  whether or not you have a sexually transmitted disease. Much like a home  pregnancy kit, users will need to urinate on a chip which detects disease. They  then will plug it into their cell phone or computer and within a matter of  minutes be able to read if they have any STDs (as well as what kind).

(See a photographic history of the cell phone.)

The Guardian reports that the project was inspired as a way to halt  the increasing number of young people in the UK who are contracting STDs–the  most common age of those contracting STDs is between 19 and 23. And because  young often equates with tech-savvy, researchers believe that this technology  will lead to more (and earlier!) detection for people who may be too nervous to  head to the doctor.

(See other amazing health gadgets.)

So if you have a fear of the doctor (or, more likely, a fear of the doctor  giving you bad news) you might soon have a quick and private way of finding out  if you’re healthy.

Though, you might want to sanitize your phone afterwards. (via the Guardian)

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/10/your-cell-phone-might-soon-be-able-to-detect-stds/#ixzz1wHsDsBXh

Demi & April’s Exciting Night

Published 03/10/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Demi saw April through the haze of candlelight, biting her hand as she clutched her chopsticks with shaking fingers, and smiled.

“Does that feel good, you dirty girl?”

April nodded briskly. “Y-yes… It’s really good… but it’s going to be hard to eat anything like this…”

Demi reached into her purse, felt for the remote, and turned the vibrations up higher. “Well, you’ll just have to try harder, won’t you,” she crooned. April gasped, clutched the table edge with both hands, biting her lip. Demi turned the vibrations back down to low again. “But it’s ok… we can get cartons for the leftovers. Just enjoy the ride for now, you kinky slut.”

“Yes, baby…”

Demi turned the vibrations up a little, but not too high. At that moment, the waitress parted the cracked-open bead curtain of their booth and stuck her head inside. “Everything all right, ladies? Can I get you any refills?” Demi looked at April, saw how she was trembling, struggling to conceal her pleasure and suppress her climax, and turned up the vibrations another notch. She looked back over at the waitress, at her flowing hair, red lips, and luscious figure, and smiled wantonly.

“Everything is wonderful. The sushi is delicious, and you’re such a delightful waitress. We’re good for now, thank you.”

The waitress (Caroline, her name tag said) blushed, smiled, nodded, and stepped out. Demi wondered if her blush was from the compliment (she knew how rare and appreciated they were in the service industry) or from desire. Perhaps both? Well, a girl could dream, at least…

She heard a small gasp and looked over at April. She was coming hard on the bench, with her eyes closed and her free hand in a fist. She watched her shaking, riding out her orgasm.

April leaned back and took a few breaths, coming down. “Oh god baby… that was intense.”

Demi leaned forward on her hands. “I knew you were a naughty little slut. You liked that that hot waitress almost saw you cum, didn’t you?”

April just bit her lip and looked at her lover breathlessly, with admiration and lust in her eyes.



Later that night, after they went back to April’s apartment and they had finished putting April’s leftovers in the fridge, Demi felt April come up behind her and press her naked breasts against her back seductively, licking her neck, and pressing her gently into the fridge.

April cupped Demi’s breasts, kneading them gently and then pinching her nipples. “All that excitement and I still want more of you… I guess I must be insatiable.”

The feel of April’s body and breath on her neck made Demi’s panties flood with moisture. “You bad girl… I’ll just have to fuck you till you beg for mercy then, won’t I?” She whirled around suddenly, grabbing April by the wrists and pinning her against the fridge. She kissed her quickly but passionately, then spun her around and collected her wrists in one hand. With the other she spanked her pert ass, delighting in the gasps that came out of her when her palm connected with the white flesh of her behind. After half a dozen slaps, she stopped, and April wriggled her butt wantonly, hoping for more.

Demi pressed her mouth to her ear. “Off to the bedroom with you, you little slut. You’ll be getting more of that. I’m going to show you what happens to bad girls.”

April sighed with lust, and once Demi released her wrists she obediently headed over to the bedroom. Demi followed close behind, admiring the view of her ass along the way.



Demi stood over the bed, wearing only her favorite strap-on dildo. April was on all fours on the bed,

clutching the bars of the headboard, waiting. Demi strode over closer to April’s head. “Little slut. Now lick my pussy, baby. You know you want to.” April buried her face in Demi’s pussy, licking with wild abandon. She ate her eagerly, vigorously, and within only a few minutes Demi was coming hard, clutching her head to her, closing her eyes and arching her back. Her juices flooded April’s mouth, and

she reached for the headboard and rested as April licked her lips and smiled with satisfaction. Demi grabbed her by the hair and gave her a few wet kisses. “You naughty girl. You’re really going to get it now.” She pulled her hair a little harder and licked her way down her neck, then sat her up and sucked each of her nipples in turn with she massaged her breasts. She kissed her again, more forcefully, and slipped her hand down to her smooth pussy without breaking the kiss. She dipped her finger into her wetness and then rubbed her juices over and around her clit. April gasped and moaned into her mouth, writhing with delight.

Without warning, Demi pushed her down on all fours and climbed onto the bed behind her. She pulled a pair of silk rope cuffs out of their bedside toy box and draped them over April’s back softly. “Feel that, baby? You know what I’m gonna do with you, don’t you?”

April moaned and nodded her head eagerly, biting into her lip.

“That’s right, slut. Now hold out your wrists. Good girl.” Demi bound April’s wrists behind her back and grabbed the center of the cuffs with one hand, pushing her down a little at the same time. With the other she picked up a bottle of lube and poured a small amount on the dildo. With how wet April was already, she didn’t need much. Once she set the lube back down, she grabbed onto April’s hip and thrust into her hard.

She fucked her vigorously, relentlessly, reveling in every moan of pleasure, every burst of wetness on her thighs. She knew how much April loved to be fucked like this, and that made her want to fuck her all the harder. She thrusted into her, over and over, telling her she was a bad girl, telling her how she was going to fuck her till she was raw, telling her to take it. She made her cum one, two, three times, and then she pulled back on her hair with one hand and rubbed her sensitized clit with the other while she whispered in her ear. “You wanted to cum in front of that waitress, didn’t you? Bet you would have liked her to see you naked and writhing, with your juices gushing out of your little cunt spraying onto her. If only we could have brought her back here… I’d be pushing your face into her sweet little pussy while I fucked you rotten.” April screamed then, throwing her head back and spraying her ejaculate everywhere. Demi pushed the strap-on all the way up her cunt, and left it there as April rode out her orgasm. The bed was drenched. Their bodies were dripping. April collapsed back onto the bed. They shared a sweet, passionate kiss. April smiled and giggled happily. “I think now would be a good time for a shower…”

Demi couldn’t have agreed more.


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