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The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Sexually Before You Die

Published 08/11/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The sexual bucket list…… I came across this list in my internet travels and was interested to see what other people thought of this list. I have never really thought of a sexual bucket list for my self, I never thought of sex being that planned out it should just happen naturally.

Looking thru this list there are  a few that I could easily cross out, but I want to hear from you! Whats missing from it and what should be taken off? I will say there were a few that just wont happen for me but that’s me and my comfort level whats your “no im not going to try that! ” point?

  1. Kiss a girl
  2. Have anal
  3. Have a threesome
  4. Engage in group sex
  5. Have phone sex
  6. Masturbate
  7. Use a vibrator
  8. Use a sex toy on someone else
  9. Be tied up
  10. Tie someone up
  11. Have sex in a public space
  12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count)
  13. Sex in a car
  14. Sex at a drive-in
  15.  Mile-high club
  16.  Sex with a stranger
  17. One-night stand
  18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion)
  19. Sex on a boat
  20. Sex in a body of water
  21. Light spanking
  22. Read erotica
  23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
  24. Sex in the shower
  25. Sex standing up against a wall
  26. Sex with no kissing
  27. Sex in the pitch black
  28. Sex in the broad daylight
  29. Making out with no sex long after you’re no longer a virgin
  30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness
  31. Watch porn together
  32. Watch porn alone
  33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms
  34. Sex on the beach
  35. Blindfolds
  36. Using ice sexually
  37. Sexual role play
  38. Whipped cream
  39. La Perla lingerie sex
  40. Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie sex
  41.  Sex with someone much older
  42. Sex with someone younger (legal!)
  43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner
  44. A quickie in a skirt
  45.  A longie in the rain
  46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you
  47.  Feather ticklers
  48. Sex while “altered” whether by alcohol or something else
  49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
  50. Silent sex in a full house

so whats on your bucket list?

First Time Mistress and Slave

Published 08/03/2012 by Sensi Boutique

First Time Mistress and Slave


Jane had rung the doorbell and now stood on the doorstep waiting anxiously for Fran to answer the door. She was very, very nervous and fearful that if her friend didn’t answer the door quickly she would bottle out altogether and run for cover. But what she didn’t know was that Fran, approaching the door from the other side, was also anxious, and genuinely concerned that she wouldn’t be able to go through with what they had arranged either. The week previously the two women had enjoyed a very explicit alcohol fuelled discussion about their most secret sexual fantasies. That afternoon had revealed a mutual interest. Jane had confessed to fantasizing about both giving another woman oral sex and about being dominated and disciplined, fantasies that dovetailed neatly into Fran’s craving to enjoy the services of a female sex slave. On the back of that they had arranged to meet today to satisfy those secret longings, but now, faced with the real possibility of fulfilling their fantasies, both women were worried that they might let each other down. Neither had ever done anything similar before, and neither really knew what they were doing, apart from what they had read, or fantasized. Much as Fran wanted to be ‘served’ sexually, especially by a woman, ordering someone about in the bedroom was something new, and she was a little bit daunted at the prospect of having to discipline her friend. She was, after all, a very slim five foot two, while Jane was curvy and four inches taller. She would need to dominate her slave without using physical strength. For her part Jane was scared that she would chicken out of everything at the last minute. She had never, ever, had any sexual contact with a woman before for any reason and she wasn’t sure just how far she could submit. The door finally swung open and Jane gazed at her friend, her soon-to-be mistress and lover, and thought how beautiful she looked. Jane had taken care with her make up and appearance, dressing in a long colourful gypsy skirt and white blouse with her long blonde hair hanging loose over her shoulders, but Fran was dressed as usual in jeans, coupled this time with a Betty Boop tee-shirt, and looked simply gorgeous without any artificial help. Fran motioned Jane into the house without a word and the pair walked into the lounge in silence, suddenly very aware of why they were meeting and with their hearts pounding in sudden trepidation. The moment of truth had arrived, fantasy was about to become reality. Jane watched as Fran poured wine for them both, this simple act of hospitality the last thing she would be doing for her today. From now on it was Jane who would be the servant. She wondered too how an evening’s sex might affect their ongoing friendship, but shrugged that problem off in the belief that they had known each other long enough to separate the two. For a little while they sat facing each other in a silence so heavy as to be almost visible, sipping wine and looking more than a little apprehensive, while Jane tried desperately to think of a way of starting things off. “Do you wish me to call you ‘Mistress’?” She asked finally, solving the problem with a question. “Yes, but not until we start. There are things to agree first.” Jane sat silently, waiting for Fran to continue. “First. You will give me pleasure and you will refuse me nothing, in return I will give you humiliation and pain. Do you agree without reservation?” It sounded a bit contrived, as if Fran had carefully rehearsed the line to cover everything and to set the tone. But Jane didn’t mind, far from it, she felt a delicious shiver run through her as her Mistress began to set out her conditions. “Yes. Completely.” Jane replied, knowing that her answer committed her into Fran’s control. “Second. I do not want to know what your preferences are, because it is only mine that count. I intend to do and to order you to do whatever I want without considering your enjoyment at all, but if there is anything in particular that you know you can’t face, now is the time to say. Is there?” “Oh no, absolutely nothing!” Jane’s reply was immediate, that scenario was just what she had envisaged. “I just want you to make me do whatever you like.” She hesitated for a moment, and then spoke again. “I’ve been thinking about today and the more I thought about it the surer I became, and I want you to know that I will do anything you ask and take absolutely any discipline or abuse that you want me to, the firmer the better. But my husband doesn’t know anything about this, so all I ask is that you don’t leave me with any lasting marks to explain.” “I can promise you that.” Fran assured her. “Now, I want you to pick a word, one that is absolutely not going to come up normally today. That will be your safe word, a word that you can use if things get too much for you, because if you say it, then everything will stop immediately.” Jane thought for a minute. “Geronimo.” She said eventually. “Geronimo?” Repeated Fran, clearly surprised at the choice. “Yes, Geronimo. Sam shouts it sometimes in fun when he jumps on top of me, but I hate it, so it’s one I’m going to be really hard pushed to use it.” Jane wanted to make it difficult for herself to back out. “Geronimo it is.” Fran looked at her and took a deep breath. “Then are you ready?” Jane felt a sudden jolt of adrenalin at those words, but she nodded and answered meekly. “Yes, Mistress.” “Then take off your clothes.” Fran’s tone was not harsh, but it didn’t allow for refusal. It had begun. Jane rose from her chair with her heart pounding and walked quietly to the centre of the room, kicking off her shoes as she went. Then, having reached a clear space she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor, taking pleasure in showing Fran her long slim legs and the tiny black thong that she had chosen to wear. She stood facing Fran; her feet planted firmly about eighteen inches apart, and began to undo the buttons of her blouse, all the time looking her friend in the eye. The blouse slid from Jane’s shoulders and joined her skirt by her feet, leaving her in just her matching black underwear. Jane stood still for a few seconds, mustering the courage to carry on, but then just as Fran’s mouth opened to prompt her to continue, she reached behind and unclipped her bra, sliding it down her arms and letting it fall from her wrists. Then she quickly hooked her fingers under her thong and, with a single stoop, slid it down her legs and stepped neatly out of it. Now breathing just a little heavily she stood upright to watch Fran’s gaze roam over her naked body. “Lower your eyes in front of me, and tidy away your things.” Jane immediately complied with Fran’s instruction, blushing slightly at her first reprimand. As she moved to pick up her discarded clothing she turned around, consciously wanting to allow Fran a view of her beautifully rounded bottom and just a tantalising glimpse of her pussy when she bent over. Without rushing, but without deliberately dawdling, Jane neatly folded everything and placed in a neat pile on the side table. As she did so Fran got to her feet and walked forward. “Now undress me.” Fran lifted her arms above her head and waited for Jane to obey. “And with a little less theatre, if you don’t mind.” Jane’s cheeks flamed from her second rebuke in so many minutes, but she took hold of the hem of Fran’s t-shirt, sliding it up her body and over her head, while at the same time allowing the heels of her hands to brush over Fran’s breasts, catching her erect nipples as they passed. That very fact of touching Fran sexually for the first time, even in such a small way, gave her a definite thrill, especially as Fran seemed not to have noticed, or had deemed the touch accidental. But Fran had noticed, she waited until Jane had pulled the top clear and then deliberately reached forward and twisted Jane’s left nipple hard. Jane gasped as the unexpected pain coursed through her, her face showing a shock that masked the joy that she felt at experiencing her first punishment. “I will tell you if, when, and where, you may touch me.” Fran told her harshly. “Now kiss my feet in atonement.” Jane felt much happier now because her fear that Fran wouldn’t be strong enough was proving to be wrong. The immediate response and abuse of her nipple had settled any doubts she had about Fran’s confidence. She believed now that her Mistress was deliberately testing her willingness to submit, and that it would be a day that she would both endure and enjoy. “I’m very sorry, Mistress.” Jane murmured as she knelt before Fran, lowering her face to her feet and pressing her lips to them in turn. “Now remain kneeling and continue to undress me.” Fran commanded, placing her hands on Jane’s shoulders as her slave made to rise. Jane sat back on her haunches and reached forward to obey. Then while she fiddled with Fran’s belt, trying to unfasten the buckle from this unfamiliar angle, she felt Fran run her palms and fingers lightly over her shoulders and neck, softly caressing her and absorbing the sensation of touching female skin in this intimate context. She sensed Fran shudder slightly at the unfamiliar sensation and she glanced up instinctively to see her Mistress’s eyes closed in pleasure before she hastily lowered her gaze once more. She smiled inwardly with contentment knowing that Fran was finding their contact pleasurable. The belt finally gave way and Jane freed the waistband, opening the front 0f Fran’s jeans and feeling that little tremulous vibration through her fingers as the zip descended. Then with two soft and gentle hands she wriggled the jeans over Fran’s hips and down her legs, careful all the way not to touch her skin any more than was necessary. Fran raised one foot, leaning slightly for balance on Jane’s bare back, allowing her jeans to be worked over first one foot and then the other, so that she was left with just her black briefs. Jane paused momentarily to admire her Mistress’s body, letting her eyes rove upwards to appreciate the small firm breasts, flat stomach and boyish hips, taking in a snapshot of her beauty and then returning to her task before Fran could reprimand her. Hooking her fingers over the waistband she gently lowered Fran’s briefs, removing them completely as Fran lifted each foot in turn. She placed the briefs alongside her with the jeans and sat back on her haunches to await instruction, gazing surreptitiously up at Fran’s nakedness and the trimmed fuzz of curly brown hair over her pussy with a thrill of apprehension and anticipation. “Tidy my clothes away, please, and then stand before me.” Silently Jane folded the clothes neatly and placed then with her own before returning to stand before Fran, her hands by her sides and her eyes downcast. “Kiss me.” Jane was a few inches taller than her diminutive Mistress and had to look down to Fran’s upturned face for them to kiss properly, but there was still no doubt as to who was in charge. She felt one of Fran’s arms go around her back, pulling her close, while the other entangled itself in her blonde mane to draw her face down to the kiss. At first it was Fran’s tongue that found its way into Jane’s mouth, probing and exploring, but as it withdrew Jane followed it with her own tongue, tentatively seeking admission between Fran’s lips, wanting to taste Fran as she had just tasted her. Permission tacitly granted Jane gently explored between Fran’s lips, finding her Mistress’s tongue and allowing it to run over her own before retreating once more, withdrawing before consent could be removed, happy at being allowed that one deep kiss. Both women taking pleasure from the contact between their naked bodies and both were instinctively moving one against the other while caressing each others backs, though it was Fran as always who led the way. It was Fran who eventually broke away, breathing heavily and, to Jane’s delight, looking less than ice cold. “We’ll go to my bedroom, you lead the way.” Jane knew that Fran had deliberately wanted to follow her so that she could gaze at her bottom swaying before her and watch for the quick little glimpses of her glistening wet pussy as she climbed the stairs, but she didn’t realise yet just how unexpectedly hot Fran was getting at the prospect of disciplining her, or that the main reason for wanting to gaze at her smooth white bottom was to contemplate it being an entirely brighter shade. Fran was dropping into the persona of Mistress with unexpected ease and totality, but all that Jane knew was that the prospect of flaunting her already aroused body before her friend was stimulating her greatly. She made sure that Fran saw as much as possible as she climbed the stairs in front of her, and in the process inadvertently increased her chances of chastisement. As they reached the top of the stairs Jane stood waiting meekly until Fran held her bedroom door open and gestured for Jane to go first, smiling unnoticed with horny satisfaction at the gasp of surprise and apprehension that Jane uttered as she entered. Laid out on Fran’s dressing table were purchases that she had made with today in mind. Taken aback, Jane stared at the items laid out on the table with elated disbelief. She hadn’t foreseen Fran going to this amount of trouble for their shared pleasure, nor had she thought that her new Mistress would take things so seriously. There, spread out before her were all the things she dreamed of, including handcuffs, nipple clamps, a whip and a tawse, and more besides. Jane felt adrenalin flood through her, making her heart beat so rapidly that for a moment she felt slightly faint and mildly euphoric. This was going to be a time to remember and she turned to Fran with an astonished hand over her mouth. “Your job today is to make sure that I get all the satisfaction I need, and now you have seen how I intend to ensure that you do it.” Fran raised her hand to cut of the thanks that Jane was about to express. “We’ll wait and see just how good you are and what pleasure you deserve.” Fran walked across to the foot of the bed and sat on it, her feet on the floor and the back of her knees against the end of the mattress. The bed had been stripped of its duvet, leaving the mattress covered only by a deep red fitted silk sheet against which Fran’s pale skin showed enticingly vulnerable. She looked at Jane and then lay back flat and opened her legs. “Kneel between my legs.” She instructed her slave, at the same time raising her knees and drawing her legs back to expose her pussy. Silently and obediently Jane left the dressing table and walked over to the bed where she knelt on the floor facing it and waited for Fran to tell her how to continue. Reaching down, Fran spread her labia wide, showing Jane her very wet and open vagina, and remained like that, silently watching Jane’s face as her slave stared longingly at her mistress’s pussy. “Would you like to lick my cunt?” Fran asked, sending another burst of anticipatory adrenalin into Jane’s bloodstream. Jane nodded silently, unable to speak even if she was allowed to. “If I let you lick me, you must be aware that I want you to make me cum very hard, and if you don’t do it well enough I will punish you. Do you understand?” “Yes Mistress.” “Very well, then you may go down on me.” As Jane leaned forward to obey she noticed how strangely easy it had been to take this intimate instruction, almost as if it were quite normal to be asked by another woman to give her oral sex. She didn’t find it at all embarrassing to follow Fran’s order, in fact, not only was she expecting to enjoy complying, but she was already actively looking forward to receiving further orders, no matter what they might be. In the same way Fran found that she didn’t feel in any way embarrassed or inhibited by spreading her legs to her friend. She had begun to feel that Jane was simply an object, something for her use and enjoyment, and she wasn’t quite sure why she liked that feeling so much. She was also wondering what a woman’s mouth would feel like on her pussy and hardly able to contain her eagerness at the idea of feeling a feminine kiss there for the very first time. The first touch of a tongue on Fran’s pussy was very hesitant and nervous, because all though she’d had her own pussy licked many times, Jane had never actually had the opportunity to do it herself to anyone before and she wasn’t quite sure how to set about it. She wanted to feel both the tawse and the whip on her body, and she shivered deliciously at the thought, but she also dearly wanted Fran to enjoy her attentions. To take her Mistress to orgasm would almost be reward enough in itself. At first Jane simply allowed her tongue to travel gently along Fran’s slit, experiencing and enjoying the unfamiliar scent and taste of another woman’s juices, but then, as she became more adventurous she began to probe and explore among the folds and contours of her Mistress’s pussy. Fran sighed with pleasure and let herself lie back on the bed, allowing her fingers to slip away from her opened labia and lie motionless by her side. Now given unrestricted access Jane moved her own hands to spread Fran open, using her thumbs to hold her Mistress’s labia wide apart so that her mouth could now do as it wished. Not knowing quite what was expected of her, Jane improvised using memories of Sam’s mouth on her own pussy as her base. She remembered how erotic it had been to have her clitoris gently nibbled, and how nice it had felt to have a tongue investigating the entrance to her vagina, and she did both of these things to Fran, enjoying every moment. Licking and sucking another woman’s pussy was something that Jane had long wanted to try. She had fantasised about the texture and the taste, even going to the extent of licking her own fingers after masturbating just to get some idea of what it would be like. Now she was doing it for real, and not only that, but she was being allowed to do it as part of her service to Fran. Her dreams had been answered and she nuzzled deep between the folds of Fran’s pussy, pulling her thumbs away and letting her Mistress’s juices wet her cheeks and nose. Her own pussy now responded as she became more aroused by her task and she could feel it lubricating as if getting ready to be entered. Pushing her face into Fran’s pussy Jane probed into her vagina, licking and lapping to fill her mouth with Fran’s taste, exploring as deep as she could into her tunnel. She groaned from her own pleasure, wrapping her arms around behind her partner’s held back legs to grip her hips and hold herself close, while in the background she was conscious of her Mistress letting out little sounds from her own pleasure. She began to wonder if she might cum just from what she was doing without Fran touching her at all. Her hands wandered higher, coming to rest on Fran’s breasts, gripping and tugging at her nipples almost without conscious effort. She was so fucking horny and this was so fucking good. “Stop!” Her Mistress’s voice came without warning as if piercing through a fog of desire. “Don’t move.” Jane stopped with a jolt, trying to clear her head of her arousal as she raised her eyes to peer along Fran’s body to find out what was wrong. “Look where your hands are.” Fran spoke as if to a child instead of a grown woman. “Who gave you permission to play with my nipples?” Jane was silent. “Nobody did, did they?” Jane shook her head almost imperceptibly. “Stay where you are.” Fran wriggled free, lifting her leg clear of Jane’s head and rolling away to stand by the side of the bed and leave Jane kneeling on the floor with her torso prone along the bed and her arms extended. “That position will do nicely.” Fran walked around the bed and out of sight behind Jane

For a few minutes Jane heard nothing, although she had the impression that Fran was standing directly behind her, contemplating Jane’s naked bottom. She hoped so, oh, how she hoped so! She knelt there, half enjoying the pleasure of her humiliating position and half waiting for the chastisement she longed for.


Fran’s hand landed without warning, sending a hot sting of pain through the left cheek of her bottom. Even though she was expecting it the blow came as a shock and Jane was unable to stop herself from crying out, a sharp gasp of surprise and hurt.

Fran ran her hand briefly around Jane’s bottom before lifting it away, making Jane tense in anticipation. She waited for the next slap. It was not a long delay, only a few seconds, but it was long enough for Jane to feel trepidation bordering on delicious fear.


This time it was her right buttock that was punished, a sudden flare of pain delivered by Fran’s descending palm. She was caught out again, gasping from the sudden sting and jerking forward against the bed in an instinctive effort to avoid the abuse. The hand stroked her bottom once more, straying over both cheeks this time, fondling and massaging gently in complete denial of its violence before lifting away with ominous abruptness. The contrast made Jane shiver with sensuous expectation.

Slap! Slap!

Two blows came one after the other, taking Jane by surprise once more and making her cry out, a short sharp cry that now had more to do with pleasure than pain. Again Fran’s hand remained in contact with Jane’s bottom, but this time rested stationary on the soft warm skin of her bottom. She waited for it to fondle her again, hoping for more intimacy, but this time she was denied and the hand lifted away.

Then once again Fran surprised her slave. Instead of her hand landing in a hard smack against Jane’s bottom it was placed quietly and gently back on her buttock, this time stroking and caressing the tender flesh while working its way slowly towards her crack. Jane held her breath, waiting for Fran to touch her, but then just as Fran’s fingertips came tantalisingly close to her anus, they lifted away once more. Jane breathed out in beautiful frustration.

Slap! Slap!

Another two blows delivered in quick succession to each side. This time Jane didn’t cry out loud, she just moaned softly deep in her throat. The spanking was making her bottom glow, a warm friendly glow that was spreading from her bottom to her pussy and bringing back the earlier possibility of orgasm. She kept her face down against the mattress in case Fran could read her enjoyment and stopped her punishment.


A sudden, unexpected single smack that landed hard across both cheeks and made Jane grip the bed sheet in sudden pain. It was harder than before; harder and nicer, so nice that Jane could almost feel her juices flow in response. Jane wondered if Fran was aware of the effect she was having, for her hand didn’t run over her buttocks this time. Instead it dipped straight between her cheeks, sliding down to her arse, where two fingertips circled her rear entrance as if threatening to invade before moving on to find her wet and gaping pussy.

“Do you know now who is in charge?” Fran’s voice was firm but not aggressive, the voice of someone confident of their authority.

“Yes, Mistress.” Jane was thrilled with Fran’s new power.

“You will seek permission before you take any action. But I will do to you as I wish.”

To underline her point Fran pushed forward with the fingers that had been hovering at the entrance to Jane’s vagina, thrusting them deep into her before pulling them out just to ram them back into the sopping wet tunnel.

“Do you understand?”

Jane had to gather her thoughts and fight back the waves of pleasure before she could answer coherently.

“Yes, Mistress.” The answer came in a tight breathless voice.

“Good, then we will carry on from where we left off.” The tone of voice left no doubt where the fault lay.

Fran climbed back onto the bed and insinuated herself back in front of Jane, returning to the two women to the position they had been in before.

“You may continue.” She told Jane. “And you may touch my breasts if you so wish.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jane squirmed forward and opened her mouth, lining herself up with Fran’s beautiful pussy. It was, she noticed, considerably wetter than before. Jane wasn’t the only one to take pleasure from the discipline.

“But make sure I cum soon.” Fran warned her. “You must make up for the interruption you caused.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

This time there was no hesitation. Jane drew Fran’s clitoris into her mouth between and held it between her lips while flicking the engorged tip with her tongue. She felt Fran tense from the sensation and heard her gasp with pleasure. Now she squeezed and fondled Fran’s breasts, playing with them, mauling them, gripping them tightly while all the time continuing her assault on her Mistress’s pussy. Fran continued to gasp and moan, gyrating her hips slightly and pushing herself at Jane’s mouth. Jane wasn’t sure which of them was enjoying it most.

It wasn’t long before Fran reached down and entwined her fingers in Jane’s long blonde locks, gripping her hair tightly and sometimes using it to pull her mouth hard up against her pussy. Jane responded by shaking her head from side to side, rubbing her face into Fran’s labia at the same time as licking and sucking her pussy with renewed enthusiasm. Both women were now moaning and grunting with arousal, Fran from what was being done to her and Jane from what she was being commanded to do. The fact that she was being made to do these things somehow freeing Jane from any moral guilt and allowing her to enjoy breaking taboos.

Jane alternated between Fran’s vagina and her clitoris, probing and lapping at her tunnel, sucking in her fluids and swallowing them before going further up to bite and nibble at her clit, nipping it between lip covered teeth and extending it until it snapped free from her grip. Each time that happened Fran shuddered with pleasure and groaned loudly, until after one particularly loud reaction she changed Jane’s instructions.

“Now just lick my clit. Don’t do anything else, just lick my clit hard and fast.” There was erotic urgency in her voice, especially when she added. “And pull my nipples.”

Jane did exactly as she was told, sending the tip of her tongue scudding over the surface of Fran’s little clit, flicking it around as she did so and pulling on her engorged nipples so that her Mistress’s pert little breasts stood proud of her body.

“That’s it, keep going.” Fran told Jane, her hips beginning to twitch and her knuckles showing white where they were tangled in Jane’s hair.

Jane kept up her efforts, being rewarded by ecstatic little groans from Fran, until eventually her Mistress lifted her pelvis from the bed, pushed herself hard against Jane’s mouth and let out a series of gasping sounds as her climax finally hit her. Jane smiled with delight into the privacy of Fran’s pussy, pleased beyond words at having been able to satisfy her Mistress, as she kept licking more and more gently as Fran came down from her orgasmic high until she eventually stopped moving and just lay with her head between Fran’s legs.

It was a little while before Fran got her breath back well enough to speak.

“That was well done, my pet. Now let’s see what else you can do.”

The compliment pleased Jane inordinately. She felt disproportionate pleasure in satisfying her new Mistress’s needs, especially as she had yet to cum herself, a fact that she had almost forgotten.

Fran wriggled slightly back along the bed to free herself from Jane’s arms, and then swung her legs right back, holding them wide apart with her hands to completely expose her pussy and her anus. Both were shining wet with the juice from her recent orgasm. Looking down between her own legs Fran gave her slave her new orders.

“Now lick my arse.”

Normally Jane would not have even dreamt of doing any such thing, but her Mistress giving her such an instruction seemed quite all right, even welcome. She pushed herself forward and presented her tongue to Fran’s anus.

Jane didn’t know what to expect from such intimate contact, but she was pleasantly surprised to find no unpleasantness about it. No unwholesome flavours or smells, just a warm soft puckered entrance that tasted of pussy juice from their previous fun. Jane licked around the entrance and then probed tentatively at Fran’s rosebud as if seeking entrance.

“That’s it. Push your tongue in.” Fran told her, consenting to Jane’s invasion.

Jane licked and pushed, but although she managed to get just the very tip of her tongue into Fran’s sphincter, she wasn’t able to penetrate her anus with her tongue, much as both women perversely wanted it.

“Try harder.” Fran instructed her, reaching down around the back of her legs to hold her bottom open and help stretch her anus. But it was to no avail. Eventually both women gave up and Fran let Jane simply lick and lap at her arse with her tongue just exploring as far as it could.

“That’s enough.”

Fran called it a day and moved on, climbing from the bed to stand looking down at Jane, her body still pink and shiny from her orgasm. Jane waited patiently to be told what to do next, pleased to have been able to perform what many people would have considered a distasteful and humiliating task.

“Take my place on the bed.”

Jane stood, wincing from the effects of kneeling for so long, climbed onto the bed and lay flat on her back, wondering what was coming next.

“Open your legs, I wish to see your cunt.”

Jane thrilled at the instruction, pleased that Fran wanted to see her body and happy to show herself off to her Mistress. She opened her legs wide, bending her knees to give Fran an unrestricted view.

Fran stared at Jane’s pussy for what seemed like ages before she spoke again.

“I am going to go down on you.” She told a delighted Jane. “But I want it to be clear that this is for my enjoyment and not for yours. You do not have my permission to cum and you must resist doing so. You know what will happen if you fail.”

The last was a statement rather than a question, but Jane meekly answered anyway.

“Yes Mistress.”

Jane knew that Fran wanted to try oral sex with her, she had said as much when they had been arranging today, but what she had not thought of was her Mistress denying her permission to cum from it. She wasn’t quite sure what she thought of that. On the one hand she was thrilled at the idea of having to overrule — if she could — her urge to cum and what might happen if she failed, and on the other hand she was frustrated at the thought of not enjoying a full orgasm from Fran’s mouth. The only thing she was sure of was that she was content to be under Fran’s full control and would do her very best to carry out her instructions.

“Spread yourself for me.”

Jane did as she was told, using the forefinger of each hand to push her labia out of the way of Fran’s mouth, and then lay back to try and control her heightened arousal. Fran didn’t hesitate in the same way that Jane had; she just planted her mouth fully over Jane’s pussy and immediately thrust her tongue into her slave’s vagina. Jane gasped from the thrill of it, gritting her teeth in an effort not to respond.

Several times Jane felt Fran’s probing tongue enter her and then pull out as it tasted her juices. Then she felt it pulled free and placed flat against her pussy to lick her entire slit in a long dog-like stroke. Jane knew immediately that Fran was deliberately trying to turn her on, to force her to disobey her order not to cum, but she didn’t mind. It was enough that Fran intended to make her cum; the discipline that would surely follow would be a bonus. Even so, she tried hard to control her body as Fran repeated that long languid tonguing of her pussy time and again. But, no matter how much she attempted to hold it back, she knew that an orgasm was inevitable unless Fran called a halt.

“Mistress, please, I can’t hold back much longer.” Jane pleaded for a respite.

Jane expected Fran to respond by doing even more to precipitate the punishable climax, but she was wrong. Fran raised her head and looked coldly up the length of Jane’s body to deliver a rebuke.

“You will need to learn a little more self control if you are to be my slave.”

Jane immediately and happily picked up on the implication that this would not be their last session while wondering how she was to learn sufficient control to warrant it.

“Wait there. Do not move.” Fran got to her feet and padded around to the dressing table and her collection of ‘goodies’, and Jane lay motionless with her legs still wide apart.

Fran took something from the dressing table and came back to the bed, standing alongside Jane and gazing down at her apprehensive expression.

“Put these on. As tight as you can stand.”

‘These’ were a pair of silver nipple clamps, little rings with a knurled screw passing through the top and having a teardrop shaped weight hanging beneath.

Jane reached up, partly fascinated and partly in dread of the little gadgets that Fran placed in her palm. She looked down her heaving chest to her breasts, where her hard and elongated nipples seemed to invite the clamps. A little clumsily at first, she set about threading a nipples into the ring and then, taking a deep breath, she began to tighten the little silver screw until she could feel it biting into her tender flesh. The nipple hurt cruelly as the screw pressed it against the inside of the clamp.

She let her breast become accustomed to the first one while she fastened the second one to her other nipple, tightening that one until it squeezed her nipple as tightly as the first.

“Very good. Now tighten them up.”

Jane had thought them to be tight and she blanched at the prospect of tightening them further, but she obediently screwed each one harder onto her nipple until she was breathing heavily from the pain in her abused buttons.

“Is that as tight as you can bear?” Fran asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Fran looked at the clamps and then without comment reached forward to tighten each one a further quarter turn. Jane gasped loudly, clenching her fists and wriggling against the hurt.

“Lie still. You must learn to control your body.”

Fran stood and watched while Jane did her best to obey; forcing her mind to accept the discomfort and let her muscles relax. Finally she was satisfied and she turned back to the dressing table and out of Jane’s view.

Jane closed her eyes and concentrated on herself, until after a minute or so the throbbing in her breasts became first tolerable and then welcome, giving her a sense of triumph and power. She still felt incredibly horny and was sure that her pussy gaped as wide as her legs, triumphantly showing her Mistress that she could take and enjoy anything that would give Fran pleasure. Smiling to herself, she just lay and waited, eager now to go the next step in her serfdom, whatever that entailed.

“Open your eyes and take the silly smile from your face.”

Jane looked in the direction of her Mistress’s voice to find that Fran had returned to the foot of the bed wearing a large black strap-on dildo. The ‘silly’ smile disappeared instantly to be replaced, first with a gaze of shock and amazement, and then with a look of nervous anticipation.

“I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a man, and now I’m going to find out.” Fran told her climbing onto the bed between Jane’s knees.

Fran moved forward, laying herself over Jane and then, supporting herself on one arm and looking between their bodies, rather clumsily reached back with the other hand to guide the tip of the dildo into Jane’s vagina. Once she had entered her slave with the tip of the dildo she shuffled her self into a more comfortable position and looked down at Jane’s anxious face.

“I’m going to fuck you with this nice hard cock.” She told her. “It’s ten inches long and nice and fat, but the way you’ve been behaving you won’t need any lube, will you?”

The question was rhetorical, because Fran went on.

“I am going to do my best to make you cum, and you are going to make sure you don’t. If you do, then you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Jane nodded, trying to mask the fear and delight that both ran through her at the prospect before her.

“Then let’s see if you have any control at all.” As Fran spoke she thrust forward without warning, driving the dildo deep into Jane’s pussy and driving the breath from her lungs.

At first Jane lay passively trying not to get too turned on as Fran pushed the big imitation cock in and out of her, her slim form belying the power of her thrusts. But before long the familiar warmth began to grow again in her pelvis and she found herself breathing more quickly and less quietly. She had never had a strap-on dildo inside her before and certainly never been fucked by a woman, and the newness was working its magic.

It wasn’t the just the unfamiliar feel of a cold and very large counterfeit cock plunging into her that did it, but the contrast between the unyielding hardness of the dildo and the soft warmth of Fran’s flesh against hers. Fran’s arms had now gone around her and she could smell her fragrance as she breathed against her neck, grunting softly in unison with her own gasps each time the strap-on cock was pushed into her. She wasn’t really being fucked, she was being made love to, and it was the most stimulating thing she had ever experienced.

Fran shifted her position, pulling herself higher so that she could plunge even deeper into Jane’s body and at the same time brought her their mouths level making a kiss inevitable. Of course it was not Jane who initiated it, but Fran. She fastened her lips over Jane’s, forcing them apart with her tongue and exploring her mouth. Jane could not help but respond, feeling herself moving under Fran, thrusting back as the dildo entered her, and letting her tongue follow Fran’s back into her Mistress’s mouth. The warmth in her pelvis became hotter, the embryonic orgasm growing in strength, forcing itself into Jane’s consciousness, defying her to ignore it.

Jane groaned, unsure whether to be pleased that the inevitable was about to happen, with the promise of beautiful chastisement to follow, or sad that she had been unable to obey her Mistress and control her instincts. She knew that she would never be able to cum without Fran knowing, her orgasms were always notoriously noisy affairs and a source of embarrassment to her, but even so she had eventually to surrender to her arousal and let it happen.

“I’m sorry Mistress, but I’m going to cum!”

They were the last coherent sentence that Jane was able to form for several minutes, for immediately after uttering them her orgasm exploded inside her and turned her into a juddering, gasping marionette that jerked and twisted under Fran’s battering ram dildo. She half expected Fran to immediately withdraw and to leave Jane unfulfilled and sweating on the bed, but instead she kept going, thrusting in and out of Jane’s pussy while whispering encouragement in her ear.

“That’s it, let go, let it happen.” Fran whispered, thrusting relentlessly into her. “Don’t hold back, cum as hard as you like, because the harder you cum the harder I will punish you.”

The last part of the sentence nearly escaped Jane’s attention, but some part of her brain fastened onto it, translated it into the promise of pleasure to cum and made her jolt, twist and cry out all the more, pleasure flowing through her like a torrent.

In the end Jane’s climax ran its course, leaving her laying limp and spent in Fran’s arms on the bed, her skin shiny with sweat and her mind a haze of lingering sensations. Fran gazed down at her expressionlessly, the dildo still buried motionlessly inside Jane’s vagina, just waiting for her ecstasy to pass before reacting. Eventually Jane’s eyes began to focus once more and she gazed back into Fran’s with a smile of gratitude on her face.

That was the time that Fran was waiting for. She pulled herself free of Jane’s embrace and climbed away to stand by the side of the bed looking down, the artificial cock still standing proudly from her crotch.

“Did I not tell you to resist?” She asked Jane coldly.

Rejoicing bizarrely at Fran’s tone Jane replied without remorse. “I resisted as long as I could, Mistress, but you are too good, too sexy for me to resist altogether.”

“Don’t try and soft-soap me. I instructed you to resist and you have failed. Is there any reason why you should not be punished?”

“No Mistress.” There was nothing else to say.

“Then get off that bed and stand against the wall.” Fran pointed to the wall opposite the bed.

Still breathing heavily Jane clambered from the bed and staggered jelly-legged across the room, feeling the clamps on her nipples swing and tug as she went.

Fran pointed to the clamps. “Now change them over.”

When Jane stared at her uncomprehendingly she explained icily. “Take the clamp from your right tit and put it on your left and vice-versa. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Jane unscrewed her left clamp with some difficulty and wriggled it free of her breast, immediately expelling her breath through clenched teeth as the blood flowed back into her abused nipple and took the pain to a new, almost unbearable intensity. Removing the second was a toe curling experience that brought genuine tears of pain to her eyes, but she still felt elation at being able to follow Fran’s instruction even knowing the pain it would bring.

She paused momentarily with both clamps in the palm of her hand as she got to grips with the hurt in her breasts, but then, with a quick glance of triumph at her Mistress she screwed them back onto her tender throbbing nipples, taking the pain with no more than a tiny involuntary groan as she tightened the second screw.

Fran was impressed, but successfully hid the fact, issuing new orders to her slave. “Now turn around and lean on your hands against the wall with your feet apart.”

Jane ‘assumed the position’, knowing exactly what Fran wanted from the countless cop shows on television, and then waited expectantly for either the whip or the tawse to bite into her flesh, knowing that Fran was intent on delivering more physical pain yet.

Suddenly she felt a sharp stinging pain across her backside, a blow delivered without warning and feeling totally unlike what she expected from either of the two implements she had seen. But she wasn’t given time to think about it, because the first blow was followed by the second, and then the third quick succession. A fast rat-a-tat of sharp light strokes on her flesh, flesh that was still warm and tender from the earlier spanking. Of themselves, none of the strokes was more than a quick sting, but the rapid fire delivery let the discomfort accumulate, the hurt of the next coming before that of the previous one had died away. Soon Jane was gasping from the pain in her bottom and still without knowing what was being used to torment her so very effectively.

She received a few seconds relief when Fran stopped to adjust her stance, but then the staccato beat of the punishment began again, this time against the tender skin on the back of her legs. Once again the build up began, each stroke adding to the discomfort of the last until she wondered how much more she could take. She moaned and writhed from the ever-increasing pain, unable to prevent herself and making her nipple clamps sway and pull at the same time.

Instinctively Jane tried to take her legs away from the ordeal, bending them at the knee and moving them further apart, trying to find relief. But instead of relief it brought greater torment as Fran was now able to turn her attention to Jane’s inner thighs, bringing her never ending rhythm of pain to that more tender area. She looked down, seeking to find what devilish instrument was causing such pain, only to be amazed to find Fran wielding a thin green cane of the kind used to support pot plants. It ain’t what you do but the way that you do it, she thought irrationally, almost giggling from the mix of comedy and torture.

Jane gasped and wriggled, anything for a respite from the ordeal, and without thinking she took a hand from the wall and reached down, trying to get her hand between the cane and her tormented flesh, but her Mistress simply hit her hand instead, doing it harder and harder until she took it away.

“Now keep your hands flat against that wall and spread your legs wider.” Fran told her in a tone that brooked no defiance. “Or you’ll surely wish you had.”

Jane made a wide ‘vee’ with her legs and leaned on her hands again, adrenalin rushing through her from a strange mix of trepidation and satisfaction.

“That’s better, now stay that way. If you keep interrupting it will take longer to do, won’t it?”

The question was rhetorical, but Jane answered submissively anyway.

“Yes Mistress.”

The tattoo of cane against flesh began again, and with Jane’s legs now spread wider, Fran was able to keep up an even faster rhythm by whipping the cane to and fro between Jane’s thighs, and even though she had had a short break, it was only moments before Jane was gasping and panting once more. Back and forth went the cane, sometimes landing just above Jane’s knees, but often tormenting the more tender skin towards the tops of her legs, occasionally landing within a hairs breadth of her pussy and making her gasp with fear.

Jane withstood her punishment with gritted teeth, her legs now on fire from the continuous sting of the little green cane, her breasts throbbing from the pull of the weights still swinging from them, and her bottom still burning. To add to that her shoulders were beginning to pound from leaning on he hands and her whole body starting to ache from the unnatural position she had been forced to adopt. Her safe word leapt into her mind but she forced it back, determined not to give in.

But there was no sign of Fran wanting to stop, and with her face twisted with pain Jane simply couldn’t prevent herself from writhing and turning, raising first one leg from the floor and then the other, in an attempt to get relief. Of course, all that did was to make her nipple clamps bite harder and tug more harshly, but she just couldn’t stand still. In the end the inevitable happened and she fell, collapsing in a heap on the bedroom carpet, tears breaking out at what she saw as her failure.

“Sit up if you can’t stand, but don’t lie there and expect sympathy.”

Jane shuffled round to sit on her very tender bottom with her back against the wall, her legs still held far apart in a subconscious effort to prevent them from rubbing together. She stared fixedly at the carpet, wondering how she could make things up to her Mistress.

“Look at me.”

She raised her head to gaze passively into Fran’s face, incongruously noticing as she did so that the big black dildo was still standing at Fran’s crotch and bobbing on its straps before her face. Somehow it didn’t seem as ludicrous at the time as she would think it later, but instead it just seemed to reinforce her Mistress’s authority and control.

Fran moved forward to stand between Jane’s thighs and, taking the black plastic cock in her hand as if it was real she offered it to Jane’s mouth, resting the tip against her lips and gently but insistently pushed it towards her.

“You’ve interrupted me twice so far today, so let’s see how you handle this. Give my cock a blow job.”

Normally such an order wouldn’t have made sense, but Jane knew exactly what Fran was doing and exactly what she wanted. She opened her mouth and accepted the fake penis. She had been ordered to give the strap-on a blow job, but knew she would never be allowed to do so. No sooner had the hard black head passed between her lips than Fran leaned forward, pushing it further in and in effect fucking her mouth.

Jane accepted the thrusting passively, just leaning back on the wall and letting Fran use her mouth as she would, tasting her own drying juices on the black plastic as it slid back and forth over her tongue. But then Fran was pushing it deeper, pressing it to the back of her mouth, nearly into her throat and making her gag reflexively. She brought her hands up to grasp the cock and stop it making her retch.

“Take your hands away.” Fran’s command was sharp. “In fact, if you need employment for them, remove your tit clamps.”

The cock was now thrusting hard and fast into her mouth, its sheer size forcing Jane to breathe through her nose and making it difficult for her to concentrate on obeying Fran’s latest command. But she managed to free one clamp, the surge of returning blood making her groan with agony before she turned her attention to the other. Her body was being jolted by Fran’s mouth-fucking and the movements made her pull at her own breast, hurting herself even more, but eventually she freed the second one too, tensing herself for the brutal pain she knew it would bring. She wasn’t sure if she should be pleased to be rid of the torture or sorry to lose their presence, but she laid them almost tenderly on the carpet beside her, her throbbing breasts a reminder of their use.

“Now keep your hands down.”

Jane couldn’t respond, her mouth was fully occupied and her body was being pushed about by Fran’s movements, so she placed her palms flat on the floor to give her some stability. Her mouth was beginning to ache from dealing with giant cock and she was starting to feel very second hand from her experience with Fran. The session had already been at least as tough as she had expected and it was not over yet.

Fran slowed her thrusts, leaning on the wall with one hand and using the other to hold the dildo and prevent it from coming out of Jane’s mouth, pushing it as far as she could into her throat and only stopping when Jane began to gag on it. This, of all the things she had done today, was giving her the greatest sense of power over her slave and she intended to take it as far as she dare. She was beginning to realise what an adrenalin rush domination could bring.

At the same time Jane was proud of herself for forcing her Mistress to go this far, even though she was worried, maybe a little frightened, about what she had given herself into. She could tell that Fran was very turned on; every time she pushed the dildo forward and she was forced to breath through her nose Jane could scent her arousal. Her concern was that she was already having trouble breathing except in little gasps when her Mistress pulled back and she wasn’t sure how far sexual stimulation would make her inexperienced Mistress go.

Shortness of breath and adrenalin generated from her state of arousal were soon making Jane feel euphoric, she was getting to where she wasn’t quite sure what was happening and didn’t really care. All she was sure about was that she was being completely dominated by her Mistress and loved every moment, regardless — or maybe even because of – the pain, anxiety and humiliation. She wanted to just passively accept everything that was thrown at her and then ask for more.

“Sit up straight, you little bitch.”

The unexpected order made Jane notice that she had unconsciously slumped to one side, her supporting arm sliding away from her across the carpet. She tried to sit up again, but the fake penis in her mouth made it awkward and she struggled to get her hand back under her.

“Do as you are told.”

Fran’s voice was harsh and her fingers entwined into Jane’s hair, grabbing a handful of her blonde curls and hauling her bodily back into an upright position. Jane’s face was forcibly turned forwards again and the dildo pushed deep into her throat, once more making her retch and gasp for breath.

A sudden pain in her pussy caught Jane by surprise and it took a moment for her to realise what had happened. Fran had kicked her. From her position standing between Jan’s widespread legs her Mistress had lashed out, giving Jane a sharp kick that landed exactly on target. A second kick followed, catching Jane on her clitoris before the foot was quite brutally ground into her pussy. It hurt, but the thought that Fran was kicking her most tender and intimate parts, parts that should normally be treated gently and almost even reverently, gave her a perverse thrill at the demeaning action.

Jane could feel Fran’s toes pushing and wriggling at the opening to her vagina, seeking entrance like so many clumsy fingers. She tried to adjust her position to give them access, but Fran was still holding her by the hair and preventing almost any movement. Even so, it felt good to have her Mistress’s foot pressing into her pussy.

“You like that, don’t you?”

Jane was unable to reply with the enthusiastic ‘yes’ that she felt, but she tried to convey her agreement with her eyes, wanting Fran to continue. “You enjoy having your worthless cunt kicked, don’t you?”

Fran’s foot came back and swung hard into Jane’s soft and tender regions. Jane grunted with the impact, hurting but feeling immense arousal from the violent and unlikely stimulation. Again Fran swung her foot, nearly jerking the dildo from Jane’s mouth in the process, and again being rewarded by Jane’s mewling cry of pain and pleasure. She ground her toes into Jane’s flesh, pressing hard on her clitoris, wiggling her toes deliberately to make her red painted toenails scrape at the tender flesh.

Jane cried out as she felt Fran’s toes gouge and scratch at her clitoris and her labia, feeling humiliating pain mixed with embarrassing pleasure and not knowing quite which she wanted most. She was still nearly suffocating from the strap-on stuffed into her aching mouth, her face being shaken about as the effects of Fran’s jolting kicks were transferred to the strap-on, but she was nevertheless beginning to feel another orgasm stirring slightly deep inside her pelvis.

She still did not have Fran’s permission to cum, but by now she no longer had the self-control to even try and stop herself. Instead she just let it build, each time Fran’s foot drew back to swing forward once more Jane felt her climax loom closer, and each time her Mistress’s foot mashed into her pussy she let the pain stimulate her. The feelings were sensational, her mind astounded that she could be abused into an orgasm, but her body reacting spontaneously from sheer ecstasy. It was going to be good, and nothing was going to stop her.

When she did cum, she opened her mouth to try and get the air she needed and, failing to breathe around the plastic cock, she slumped to the floor, letting it slide from her mouth and almost dragging Fran down as well by her grip on her hair. There she lay, twitching and shuddering as her orgasm rippled through her body, gasping and moaning, her pelvis jerking with instinctive thrusts that found only air, with her surprised Mistress standing over her open-mouthed.

Fran watched in awe, astounded that the cruelty she had heaped upon her friend could have triggered such a reaction, and profoundly stimulated herself by her own power. She looked down at the dildo, still glistening wet with Jane’s saliva further along its shaft than she would have thought possible, and then at Jane, and felt a wave of affection spread through her. Quickly she undid the straps, slipping the dildo from her crotch and letting it fall to the floor, its job done, and then, as Jane flopped onto her back and lay in the exhausted aftermath of her orgasm, she lay alongside her and took her into her arms.

“That’s it, my darling.” Fran whispered to Jane. “It’s over, and you did well.”

Jane looked at Fran, a little smile on her sweat-shiny face, and let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

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What your sexy dreams really mean?

Published 06/25/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Aside from being a naughty bedtime treat, your sizzling visions give  a fascinating peek into your psyche. At some point, we’ve all gotten lucky in dreamland. Whether your racy reverie is red hot(bedding Josh Hartnett) or just strange (knocking boots with the guy who signs your paycheck), there’s a reason why it popped into your head. “

Sexy dreams reveal your desires and anxieties,” says Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of Erotic Dreams.“Your subconscious uses these raw, lustful situations to sort out emotions you may not be confronting in waking life.” Sure, maybe you already know dreams serve as a portal to your psyche, but you might not realize how obscure their implications can be. In fact, your dirtiest scenes often aren’t about sex at all.


Oh, and those “innocent” imaginings where you’re flying in the sky or brushing your hair? Loaded with sexual meaning. While everyone’s nocturnal fantasies and day-to-day issues vary, Cosmo asked dream experts to shed light on the most common sexy shut-eye musings. Get the scoop before bed tonight.


Getting Passionate with a Wacky Partner

A dream where you’re scorching the sheets with your boss or best buddy? Yikes. Although you may assume this scandalous vision means you harbor hot-and-heavy feelings, the actual implications are generally PG. “You probably admire a quality that person possesses and want to develop it within yourself,” explains Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming. Maybe you crave the head honcho’s success or wish you had your friend’s confidence.

On lucky nights, a Hollywood hottie, like Patrick Dempsey, might make a guest appearance. While celeb sex dreams could just be mental candy your brain has cooked up for fun, there’s probably more to it. “To singles, it’s a reminder that amazing prospects are out there, and it also clues you in to the kind of man you want,” says Garfield.

If you’re already one half of a twosome, it may point to a yearning for a trait your guy lacks or — if you’re blissfully content — affirm you’ve scored with a star-quality man. In this case, you’ve found your McDreamy.

No Place to Get Busy

You’re on a hunt for a place to have sex with your man, but problems arise that make hooking up impossible. “This suggests a loss of intimacy between you and him,” explains Holloway. “Women tend to have this dream before or after a breakup.” Although you’ve struggled to make it work, something — like mismatched goals — has prevented it.

However, if you and your man are happily coupled, the dream may indicate that there’s an obstacle you’re trying to overcome — maybe it’s a long-distance issue or even just that you’re unsure what the future holds.

Having Sex for All  to See

Right in the middle of a XXX romp, you suddenly realize you’re onstage or in a roomful of people…with all eyes on you. “If the crowd makes you self-conscious, you could be worried that people are gossiping about your relationship,” says Holloway. Think about it: Are you afraid your pals don’t like him? Did  you start dating while he was still with someone else? On the other  hand, should being in the spotlight feel deliciously naughty, it means  you have a hankering to flaunt your sizzling sex life to the world.

Cheating  on Your Man

It’s pretty unsettling to imagine getting busy  behind your guy’s back. “You usually dream of sleeping with someone else  soon after taking a major relationship step, like getting engaged,”  says Holloway. “Any uneasiness about making such a huge life change can  manifest in your dreams.” It doesn’t mean you have regrets; you’re just  experiencing normal concerns, like that you’re missing out on other  potential mates or you’ll one day discover he’s not right for you.

On the flip side: “If your man’s the unfaithful one, ask yourself if  you’re resenting him for some reason,” suggests Holloway. “This dream  can expose feelings of emotional abandonment, like maybe he’s working a  lot or you’re more serious about your bond than he is.”


Flying Through the Sky

You’ve had a mind-blowing booty session recently, right? That would explain why you’re soaring in your sleep. “The freewheeling rush you get from whizzing through the air could be a mental celebration of great sex,” explains Garfield. “The thrilling sensations in the dream are similar to the high you experience when you climax.” If you haven’t had a hot hookup lately, the aerial illusions may be related to an intense romantic encounter, like going out with a guy you really like or hearing the L word from your beau for the first time.

A  Man Holding a Phallic Object Appears

Okay, if you dream of a guy with a baseball bat in hand or a log hoisted under his arm, heads up. “It means there’s a man in your life whom you’re attracted to, but either you’re not fully aware of your feelings or you don’t want to admit you’re into him,” says Holloway. The object of your affection may be someone who is totally not your type or an off-limits guy, like your man’s best bud. And just so you know, the guy you’re secretly lusting after may not necessarily be the hose-wielding hottie in your reverie.

An Animal  Encounter

When a stallion makes a late-night appearance, it suggests you’re getting in touch with your wild side. “Galloping on a horse symbolizes that you feel alive, liberated, and in control sexually,” says Holloway. The rhythm and speed of riding feels similar to the steady tempo of sex (as does any rhythmic motion, from swinging to climbing stairs, notes Garfield), and being atop a huge, powerful animal echoes the exhilaration of being with a man.

Not all animal-related scenarios are positive though. If scaly reptiles give you the heebie-jeebies, then a snake nightmare (hello, talk about phallic!) points to worries you have, possibly about sex, according to Gayle Delaney, PhD, author of All About Dreams. “Also, most people connect snakes with being sneaky,” adds Garfield. “This dream could signal you’ve subconsciously picked up on the fact that a guy you’ve been seeing is using you for sex or hiding something about his sexual past.” Call it intuition…in fantasy form.

You  Suddenly Have Superlong Locks

Envisioning a Rapunzel-like mane while mid-REM serves as a carnal wake-up call — you have been putting sex on the back burner and are ready to devote due energy to satisfying your erotic drive. “Long hair represents sensuality and femininity, encouraging you to let your natural impulses rule,” says Holloway. So stop snoozing on your sex life and seek out the kind of action you’ve only, uh, dreamed of.

Originator: Cosmopolitan

Doing Dishes

Published 03/15/2012 by Sensi Boutique
I’m washing dishes again.  I feel like that’s all I do, all day long…but I love every moment of it.  I barely get started on a sink full before I start letting my mind wander to one of my favorite fantasies.  I check the clock and sigh a little…you should be home soon.  The thought of that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my heart beat a little faster.  For months, I’ve thought about what it might be like for you to come home to me.  The time is finally here and I’ve never been happier.

I bring myself back to reality just as the water is about to overflow out of the sink.  I laugh a little at myself and get back to my task at hand.  I begin to slowly wash the dishes from lunch as my mind wanders.  I begin thinking about those first well-placed kisses I’ll receive when you get in from work.  I get excited as I think about your soft lips on my neck, one hand in my curls and the other settled on my hip.  I imagine your hand wandering up just a bit to graze the side of my breast…your lips trailing kisses to my ear.  I can almost hear your sultry voice and feel your breath on my ear as you whisper ‘Hello’.  Shivers run up and down my spine and my head rolls back just a bit.  I moan your name very quietly to myself.

Just as I begin to lose myself in my fantasy, I hear the door open.  You are home!  I turn and smile as you come into the kitchen.  You come to me and it’s exactly as I thought it would be.  Your lips on my neck, hand on my hip.  I can tell by the insistency of your kisses that you’ve spent the day fantasizing about the same thing.

My hands are wet.  I want to entwine my fingers into your hair just the way you like but you have me pinned against the sink, my back to you.  Your hand is softly moving up my hip and around to cup my breast lightly.  The hand in my curls moves down my shoulder and I can feel your fingertips playing down my arm to my wrist.

My hands are holding onto the sink now…my knees are weak with desire and I feel like the only solid things in the world are the edge of this sink full of sudsy water and your body.  Your kisses are warm and wet and I know what you want.  Your hand moves to squeeze my ass while the other one squeezes my breast.  I moan into your kiss and move my hips involuntarily to press back against you.  That is when I feel it…you came home ready for me.

I get so wet at the feel of your strapped-on cock that it’s almost like the Amazon between my thighs.  I continue to roll my hips so my ass presses back against you.  I know how much you love this…I know how much you desire me.  I can feel it in your kisses.  Your squeezing becomes more urgent…my knees are getting weaker.  I need you…now.  You sense my need and before I know it you have pulled the hem of my skirt up and opened the front of your khakis.  I close my eyes and can see you pulling your cock out in perfect detail in my mind.

I bend over the sink and offer myself to you.  One hand is holding the cock…teasing it up and down my slit, barely parting my lips.  The other hand is firmly wrapped in my hair and tugging just a bit.  I moan quietly and beg you to enter me.  My body is on fire for you.  I feel like the phoenix, burning up and so close to ashes.  You finally slide into me…my pussy stretching tight to take all of you in.  I whimper with desire as you fill me.  Your body is pressed tight to mine and you stay put for a moment.  I’m enjoying the fullness of having you so deep inside.  You begin stroking in and out of me painfully slow at first.  I’m throbbing for you.  Hungry for your touch on every inch of my skin.

Your slow pulling and pushing is driving me mad…I want you to fuck me.  I want you to make me moan.  I want to muffle my screams of passion by biting my lip until it bleeds.  You begin to enter me a little quicker…still pulling out slowly, but pushing yourself back in with force.  I moan your name and you move quicker still.

I grip the sink and close my eyes tighter.  You begin fucking me with quick, long strokes.  I loosen my grip with one hand and reach between my thighs to tease my clit while you continue stretching my pussy around your cock.  My thighs quiver and I press myself back against you, hungry for more.  You grab my hips and pull me tight onto you.  I quicken the pace of my fingers on my clit while you hold yourself tight inside me.  I can feel the orgasm begin deep in my belly and I moan your name over and over…begging you to stay still…filling me while I cum.  I toss my head back and bite my lip.  My body quivers and I am cumming.  I can feel your body tense up and I know you have finished right along with me.

As I begin to relax I am already thinking about the things I long to do to you once we get upstairs in our room.  I grin secretly and sigh.  My body eases up and I feel you slide out of me nice and slow.  Your arms are around me and I lean back against you.  You whisper ‘Hello, baby’ in my ear and I giggle softly.  What I’m really thinking is that was one helluva hello.  You turn me around and I smile at you…you look tired but I know you’ll let me play for just a bit longer.

My smile grows into a sly grin as I slowly drop to my knees before you.  My eyes locked on yours, peeking up above my glasses.  I keep my eyes on yours as I begin teasing the tip of your wet cock with my tongue…tasting myself on you.  I swirl my tongue around and slowly begin sliding you into my mouth and down my throat.  Your hands are instantly in my hair…pushing me onto you.  I moan around you and back my head up.  Removing my mouth and kissing the very tip, I smile playfully up at you and whisper ‘Let’s go to bed…’



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