Trapped Between Her Knees..

Published 05/02/2013 by Sensi Boutique

Great story needed to share 😉

Crossroads & Harmony

I couldn’t stand it any more.. I had to have her. It had been three weeks and I could barely stand to watch her undress without my mouth watering. She had just gotten out of a long shower, and her towel was wrapped loosely around her still moist skin. “Damn ! I forgot the baby oil in the bathroom” she said slightly annoyed. “No baby, relax, I’ll get it” I said, hopeful she will allow me to rub it on for her. I miss the feeling of her skin beneath my hands in that sensual way and I let my mind wander to the feeling of it.. We’ve been so stressed lately that sex has been more of an afterthought. But my hunger for her has been increasing insatiably and today I’m planning to change that. I walk to get the baby oil and tell her to lie on her…

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Published 01/17/2013 by Sensi Boutique

Do you know the rules? This is a great one I came across in one of my favorite blogs to read Nothing Nice, Nothing Sweet!

Take A Bite.

Are FEmme Lesbians really this demanding, complicated?

Be sure and read all the rules.

* I did NOT write these!

*The Femme Rules:

1. The Femme always makes THE RULES.
2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice.
3. No butch can possibly know all THE RULES.
4. If the Femme suspects the Butch knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES.
5. The Femme is never wrong.
6. If it appears the Femme is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Butch did or said.
7. If Rule 6 applies, the Butch must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.
8. The Femme can change her mind at any time without notice.
9. The Butch must never change her mind without the express written consent of The Femme.
10. The Femme has every right to be angry or upset at…

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