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The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Sexually Before You Die

Published 08/11/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The sexual bucket list…… I came across this list in my internet travels and was interested to see what other people thought of this list. I have never really thought of a sexual bucket list for my self, I never thought of sex being that planned out it should just happen naturally.

Looking thru this list there are  a few that I could easily cross out, but I want to hear from you! Whats missing from it and what should be taken off? I will say there were a few that just wont happen for me but that’s me and my comfort level whats your “no im not going to try that! ” point?

  1. Kiss a girl
  2. Have anal
  3. Have a threesome
  4. Engage in group sex
  5. Have phone sex
  6. Masturbate
  7. Use a vibrator
  8. Use a sex toy on someone else
  9. Be tied up
  10. Tie someone up
  11. Have sex in a public space
  12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count)
  13. Sex in a car
  14. Sex at a drive-in
  15.  Mile-high club
  16.  Sex with a stranger
  17. One-night stand
  18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion)
  19. Sex on a boat
  20. Sex in a body of water
  21. Light spanking
  22. Read erotica
  23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
  24. Sex in the shower
  25. Sex standing up against a wall
  26. Sex with no kissing
  27. Sex in the pitch black
  28. Sex in the broad daylight
  29. Making out with no sex long after you’re no longer a virgin
  30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness
  31. Watch porn together
  32. Watch porn alone
  33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms
  34. Sex on the beach
  35. Blindfolds
  36. Using ice sexually
  37. Sexual role play
  38. Whipped cream
  39. La Perla lingerie sex
  40. Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie sex
  41.  Sex with someone much older
  42. Sex with someone younger (legal!)
  43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner
  44. A quickie in a skirt
  45.  A longie in the rain
  46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you
  47.  Feather ticklers
  48. Sex while “altered” whether by alcohol or something else
  49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
  50. Silent sex in a full house

so whats on your bucket list?

75 ways to show your love

Published 07/04/2012 by Sensi Boutique

With my one year wedding anniversary around the corner I have been busy trying to find romantic ideas and gift ideas for my wonderful bride. I stumbled across this list of ways to show your love. A lot of the things on this list are free so they can and should be done when ever its possible, hope you enjoy this little list.


1. A kiss on the forehead

2. Uninterrupted quality time

3. A note under the pillow

4. Tell him when he looks masculine, sexy, or hot

5. Turn a regular day into an All-About-You day just for your mate

6. Breakfast served in bed

7. A romantic picnic indoors

8. An unexpected dinner cruise

9. Propose marriage on one knee

10. Don’t complain when he leaves the toilet seat up

11. A rose on the pillow

12. Tell her she’s beautiful

13. Pour on the chivalry (open doors, pull her chair out)

14. A bubble bath with rose petals and her favorite scented candles

15. Verbalize what your relationship means to you

16. Surprise her with her favorite flowers and candy

17. An “I love you because…” list

18. PDA (public displays of affection)

19. Heart shaped pancakes or cookies

20. A walk in the park together

21. Hold your beloved a little tighter and longer than usual

22. Do some of his/her chores

23. A handwritten card sprayed with your scent

24. Spoil each other

25. Renew your marriage vows

26. Be first to say “I’m sorry” after an argument

27. Personalize (i.e. engrave) gifts

28. Place an “I love you” flyer under the car’s windshield wiper

29. Send a surprise gift to his/her workplace

30. Support each other’s dreams

31. Make love slowly, passionately

32. Run his bath water

33. Give your spouse space when needed

34. Buy her feminine hygiene products (before she asks)

35. Bring him a cold beer while he watches football

36. Put a love note in her purse

37. Hold hands

38. Take showers together and wash each other’s back (or whole body)

39. Look deeply into your lover’s eyes

40. Always kiss goodbye and goodnight

41. Boast about your mate and your relationship to mutual friends

42. Arrange for a babysitter so you can have an unexpected date night

43.  Say how much you love each other even if you think it’s known

44. Use cute pet names for each other

45. Rub your noses together

46. Remember to say thank you (often)

47. Excuse each other’s mistakes 48. Meditate together

49. Sleep in his/her t-shirt

50. Wash her hair

51. Step outside of traditional gender roles to help each other (Cook dinner ; take the trash out )

52. Verbally reassure your lover

53. Take photographs as a couple

54. Give up the last piece of food on your plate

55. Write a short fairy tale using you and your mate as the characters (Once upon a time…”)

56. Listen more intently

57. Flirt with each other

58. Sing your significant other a love song

59. Get up early to help him/her get ready for work

60. Say “I adore you”

61. Watch a chic flick with her

62. Kiss your mate somewhere you never thought to kiss before (i.e. elbow, knee, toe)

63. Initiate affection (hugs, kisses, spooning)

64. Take good care of yourself so that you’re at your best for the one you love

65. A handmade gift or card

66. Write a sweet message on a fogged-up mirror so he/she will see it after exiting the shower

67. Cook your significant other’s’ favorite meal

68. Feed each other chocolate covered strawberries

69. Cuddle by the fireplace

70. Laugh and have fun with each other

71. Rub his/her feet

72. Create a scrapbook together

73. Start a hobby together

74. Dance indoors to your favorite song

75. Ask about each other’s day

What your sexy dreams really mean?

Published 06/25/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Aside from being a naughty bedtime treat, your sizzling visions give  a fascinating peek into your psyche. At some point, we’ve all gotten lucky in dreamland. Whether your racy reverie is red hot(bedding Josh Hartnett) or just strange (knocking boots with the guy who signs your paycheck), there’s a reason why it popped into your head. “

Sexy dreams reveal your desires and anxieties,” says Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of Erotic Dreams.“Your subconscious uses these raw, lustful situations to sort out emotions you may not be confronting in waking life.” Sure, maybe you already know dreams serve as a portal to your psyche, but you might not realize how obscure their implications can be. In fact, your dirtiest scenes often aren’t about sex at all.


Oh, and those “innocent” imaginings where you’re flying in the sky or brushing your hair? Loaded with sexual meaning. While everyone’s nocturnal fantasies and day-to-day issues vary, Cosmo asked dream experts to shed light on the most common sexy shut-eye musings. Get the scoop before bed tonight.


Getting Passionate with a Wacky Partner

A dream where you’re scorching the sheets with your boss or best buddy? Yikes. Although you may assume this scandalous vision means you harbor hot-and-heavy feelings, the actual implications are generally PG. “You probably admire a quality that person possesses and want to develop it within yourself,” explains Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming. Maybe you crave the head honcho’s success or wish you had your friend’s confidence.

On lucky nights, a Hollywood hottie, like Patrick Dempsey, might make a guest appearance. While celeb sex dreams could just be mental candy your brain has cooked up for fun, there’s probably more to it. “To singles, it’s a reminder that amazing prospects are out there, and it also clues you in to the kind of man you want,” says Garfield.

If you’re already one half of a twosome, it may point to a yearning for a trait your guy lacks or — if you’re blissfully content — affirm you’ve scored with a star-quality man. In this case, you’ve found your McDreamy.

No Place to Get Busy

You’re on a hunt for a place to have sex with your man, but problems arise that make hooking up impossible. “This suggests a loss of intimacy between you and him,” explains Holloway. “Women tend to have this dream before or after a breakup.” Although you’ve struggled to make it work, something — like mismatched goals — has prevented it.

However, if you and your man are happily coupled, the dream may indicate that there’s an obstacle you’re trying to overcome — maybe it’s a long-distance issue or even just that you’re unsure what the future holds.

Having Sex for All  to See

Right in the middle of a XXX romp, you suddenly realize you’re onstage or in a roomful of people…with all eyes on you. “If the crowd makes you self-conscious, you could be worried that people are gossiping about your relationship,” says Holloway. Think about it: Are you afraid your pals don’t like him? Did  you start dating while he was still with someone else? On the other  hand, should being in the spotlight feel deliciously naughty, it means  you have a hankering to flaunt your sizzling sex life to the world.

Cheating  on Your Man

It’s pretty unsettling to imagine getting busy  behind your guy’s back. “You usually dream of sleeping with someone else  soon after taking a major relationship step, like getting engaged,”  says Holloway. “Any uneasiness about making such a huge life change can  manifest in your dreams.” It doesn’t mean you have regrets; you’re just  experiencing normal concerns, like that you’re missing out on other  potential mates or you’ll one day discover he’s not right for you.

On the flip side: “If your man’s the unfaithful one, ask yourself if  you’re resenting him for some reason,” suggests Holloway. “This dream  can expose feelings of emotional abandonment, like maybe he’s working a  lot or you’re more serious about your bond than he is.”


Flying Through the Sky

You’ve had a mind-blowing booty session recently, right? That would explain why you’re soaring in your sleep. “The freewheeling rush you get from whizzing through the air could be a mental celebration of great sex,” explains Garfield. “The thrilling sensations in the dream are similar to the high you experience when you climax.” If you haven’t had a hot hookup lately, the aerial illusions may be related to an intense romantic encounter, like going out with a guy you really like or hearing the L word from your beau for the first time.

A  Man Holding a Phallic Object Appears

Okay, if you dream of a guy with a baseball bat in hand or a log hoisted under his arm, heads up. “It means there’s a man in your life whom you’re attracted to, but either you’re not fully aware of your feelings or you don’t want to admit you’re into him,” says Holloway. The object of your affection may be someone who is totally not your type or an off-limits guy, like your man’s best bud. And just so you know, the guy you’re secretly lusting after may not necessarily be the hose-wielding hottie in your reverie.

An Animal  Encounter

When a stallion makes a late-night appearance, it suggests you’re getting in touch with your wild side. “Galloping on a horse symbolizes that you feel alive, liberated, and in control sexually,” says Holloway. The rhythm and speed of riding feels similar to the steady tempo of sex (as does any rhythmic motion, from swinging to climbing stairs, notes Garfield), and being atop a huge, powerful animal echoes the exhilaration of being with a man.

Not all animal-related scenarios are positive though. If scaly reptiles give you the heebie-jeebies, then a snake nightmare (hello, talk about phallic!) points to worries you have, possibly about sex, according to Gayle Delaney, PhD, author of All About Dreams. “Also, most people connect snakes with being sneaky,” adds Garfield. “This dream could signal you’ve subconsciously picked up on the fact that a guy you’ve been seeing is using you for sex or hiding something about his sexual past.” Call it intuition…in fantasy form.

You  Suddenly Have Superlong Locks

Envisioning a Rapunzel-like mane while mid-REM serves as a carnal wake-up call — you have been putting sex on the back burner and are ready to devote due energy to satisfying your erotic drive. “Long hair represents sensuality and femininity, encouraging you to let your natural impulses rule,” says Holloway. So stop snoozing on your sex life and seek out the kind of action you’ve only, uh, dreamed of.

Originator: Cosmopolitan

Tough Love

Published 03/08/2012 by Sensi Boutique
It hadn’t been hard to convince Jen to spend an evening at a local hotel. We both work hard and have little time for the lusty little trysts that we so enjoyed. Both of us were worn out and sorely in need of some hot, unbridled sex. So, in an effort to shine romantically, I secretly booked a room in a rather nice hotel on the beachside. Well, it wasn’t exactly just a room. A little flirting coupled with an extra special view of my substantial cleavage encouraged the undersexed college student working the front desk to bump up my reservation without the inconvenience of paying extra. I made a mental note that his well-structured build might even play into my plans for the evening. Making certain that I could extend my stay, I subtly traced the outline of my lips and smiled at him. Oh yeah, he was interested. Chucking to myself, I swayed out of the lobby and towards my car. I had work to do in order to be ready for the evening’s activities.
Several hours later, I picked Jen up from her job. She was confused as I deviated from our usual routine and headed for the bridge that connected the choked city that we lived in to the salty freedom of the beach.
“Where are you going now?” she quipped. “ I haven’t even had a shower, I can’t…” I held up a finger, grinning.
“No questions just go with it. Everything is taken care of, just relax and enjoy the ride.”
I went back to driving, leaving Jen to her own devices to figure out what was going on. Deeply satisfied, I knew that she would never figure out what my scheme was. Hell, she had most likely forgotten the conversation about bondage that we had several weeks prior to this. I waited, excited, to spring this trap for weeks. After she had admitted to me that she was curious about being tied up and beaten, I had ravished her. The idea of making her my sexual slave swirled in my mind and tonight was finally when I would have the satisfaction of fulfilling that urgency.
“We are going to a hotel?” She was still confused. “This must be expensive.”
Try as she might, she couldn’t hide the excitement crawling within her. Perfect.
“Well, I thought it would be nice to get away for a day or two. Something…different.”
I smiled at her. One of her well-manicured eyebrows arched upwards, betraying her skepticism. Don’t blow it being a smart ass, I reminded myself.
“Lets head upstairs, I already have the room taken care of.”
As we swept into the lobby, I noticed the clerk checking us out intently. He smiled at me and nodded, letting me know that he remembered my show from earlier. I cast a glance at him over my shoulder as I stepped onto the elevator behind Jen. This was going to get interesting indeed.
I slid the plastic into its receptacle on the door, hearing the telltale click as the lock yielded. I opened the door and ushered Jen in, sliding a hand along her back as she passed. The door had barely closed before I grabbed her arms and spun her against the nearest wall, kissing her lips to silence any protest. That always worked, always made her melt into me like sweet candy. My tongue dominated her mouth, demanding to taste hers. In the distance, I could hear her moans as I ran my hands under her shirt. I dropped to my knees, lifting her skirt out of my way. My pussy was already soaked; I needed to taste her. With an animalistic grunt, I tore off the pantyhose that kept me from partaking in Jen’s delicious treat. She cried out as my lust overcame her. It had been too long since we had just plain fucked. My tongue acted on it’s own, tracing a meandering path towards her glistening folds. Her scent teased my nose as I drew ever closer to her trophy. Overcome with heat, I homed in on her clit. My tongue attacked mercilessly. Jen’s grunting gyrations dutifully told me that I was satisfying her needs. Her hands clutched the back of my head, fingers intertwined in my flowing hair. Passion would come later, much later. I could feel Jen’s button swelling and throbbing, betraying her impending surrender to an orgasm. I had no intention of stopping when she did cum, none at all. As that powerful sensation swept over her, Jen started to slide down the wall. I wrapped my arms around her waist and started sucking on her clit, her screams of pleasure adding to my savory reward. My animal temporarily satiated, I relaxed my grip on Jen. I slid my fingers along her stomach and breasts as she lay gasping for breath.
“You could kill a woman like that”, she managed after several minutes, “Not that I mind, though”.
She was so sexy; I could spend hours searching those folds.
“Just wait until later, my dear, just wait. This will seem like child’s play by the time I’m finished with you”, I stood up and helped Jen to her still unsteady feet. “Why don’t you get a shower and then we’ll get dinner?”
Still shaking, Jen ambled past me and headed into the obnoxiously large bathroom. I explored the vast room, making certain that all of the items I had planted earlier were still hidden. Certain that my secret was still safe, I indulged in a beer from the cooler that I had brought with us. By the time I had consumed all of the amber liquid, Jen stepped out of bathroom with only a towel draped across her steamy body.
“We could just get room service, you know.”
She allowed one finger to trace the curve of her hip. It was tempting, but I had a plan to follow and I wasn’t going to let Jen be in charge at all this weekend.
“I already have reservations for dinner”, I replied with my own steamy smile, “There will be plenty of time for more fun later. I promise.”
Frustrated, Jen finished drying and got dressed.
I had planned for everything. The restaurant and the club where we were headed required only a short walk to reach. As we strolled through the cool evening air, Jen and I chatted and joked about our workweek. The stress of our jobs was already peeling away and we were both far more relaxed. Dinner, while it wasn’t high quality, was enjoyable. Several drinks had loosened our tongues and chatter flew through the air with wild abandon. Ignoring the sidelong looks of those not in possession of a sense of humor, Jen and I continued to have our brand of fun. After a few hours, and much to the relief of the boring class, Jen and I retreated from the restaurant and headed towards the hotel. Conveniently, I had followed a path that led past the sultry doors of a strip club.
“Lets stop in here.”
I pointed to the club, knowing that Jen would object. She was so naïve sometimes and I loved it. When we initially started dating, Jen was completely unaware of how enjoyable life could be. A few years of nurturing and support had changed that, allowing her to blossom into a truly unique individual,  an individual that had never visited a strip club.
“I can’t go in there, people will stare.” She was blushing.
I shook my head, “Duh, that’s the point silly. Come on; let’s give it a try. We can leave if you really don’t like it.” I reached for her hand. “I promise.”
Sighing, she walked with me to the front door.
Once inside, the dim lighting and the loud noises assaulted my senses. A tall, muscular man wearing a black button down shirt and khaki pants that were sharply creased met us a few feet away from the door. Jen was covertly checking him out. Though she and I had a wonderful relationship, we both occasionally felt the need to enjoy the satisfaction that only a male can provide.
“Can I help you ladies?” His voice rang with an Australian accent. I joined Jen in viewing his attributes, a fact that he did not miss.
“We are just checking the place out.” I pointed to Jen, “It’s her first time”.
The doorman smiled and stood to one side, “Enjoy, no cover for attractive ladies like yourselves.” I wasn’t done playing with this specimen yet. Grinning at Jen, I slowly sauntered past and brushed against him.
“Thank you”, I breathed close to him. I enjoyed the look on his face as I tossed my libido at him. He seemed to enjoy the attention.
“If I can do anything for you ladies, let me know.” Jen stepped closer to him, sliding a finger along his immaculate shirt. “If we need you, what should we call you?” she pouted at him. Good girl, she finally seemed to believe that she was hot as hell.
He gasped and shuddered, obviously reacting to her touch. “I’m Kyle.”
“Well, pleased to meet you Kyle. I hope we’ll see you later.”
With that, Jen let her eyes travel along his entire frame before walking away. We found a seat at the bar and I ordered more drinks. “Oh my God, I can’t believe that I just did that!” Jen drained her glass quickly. “I’m such a slut.”
I laughed, “No, you are using your natural talents to drive men wild. It is a gift of seduction. He would have sex with both of us right now if we pursued it.”
The thoughts of our new friend joining us in the bedroom were quite pleasing to me.
“What do you think about doing that?” Jen regarded me over the rim of her second drink.
“Doing what?” Tonight, I was going to be difficult.
Jen snorted at me.  “Inviting him to join us. In bed.”
I held up my hands, “Ok, ok. I know what you meant. I’m just kidding around.”
Jen stuck out her tongue at me before ordering another round.
“Promises, promises. If you are interested, lets give it a try. He seemed interested.”
Jen regarded me for a long moment, not certain if I was serious.
“I’m not kidding, he is hot. I’d love to do him. But,” I held up a finger, “You have to approach him”. Jen blanched slightly. “Yes, you approach him.”
“Let me think about it, ok?” She stood up. “I’m going to the bathroom, be back.”
I watched her pick her way through the crowd. Wow, we hadn’t even gotten around to a lap dance yet. My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked up, half expecting a drunken advance. To my surprise, Kyle stood over me.
“Mind if I join you for a minute”. Mutely, I motioned to the seat next to me. Recovering, I grinned at him.
“Well, visiting already? Bet you do that with all the ladies?” I slid my hands along my glass. He watched for a minute before he answered.
“No, not usually. I have to admit that most ladies don’t get me that hard so quickly.”  Talk about straight to the point.
“My, my. Talk like that would make a girl think you were desperate.” I glanced in his lap boldly. “ I don’t think you are the desperate kind, now are you?” I slid my hand along his inner thigh, enjoying the firm muscles.
He breathed in as I did.
“ No, I get pretty much as much action as I want.”
My hand crept even further up his leg. I smiled.
“Ok, lets get to the point, I want to fuck both of you. No strings, just some fun. What do you say?”
I didn’t answer for a moment, stopping my hand frustratingly close to his groin.
“Kyle, Jen and I are both interested in using you as a hot throbbing sex toy. But,” I groped his heated crouch. “I need to know something.”
He swallowed. As much as he pretended that he was a player, I could tell by his school boy reaction to my forward advances that he didn’t get nearly as much sex play as he would have me believe.
“Kyle, Jen and I are involved and I planned this weekend together for a long time.” His shoulders sagged slightly. “ Now, I have very specific plans for what will happen this evening that unfortunately do not include another lover. But,” I started sliding my fingers along his clothed shaft, “If you can wait until tomorrow, I would love to have you join both of us. All day of you like.”  I paused to judge his reaction. He looked confused and intrigued at the same time.
“I…I, um. I can wait” His voice was a little strained with an effort to sound calm. I leaned forward and kissed him.
“Good, that feels like too much fun to miss out on.”
I hugged him and wrote down the hotel information.
“Oh, and if Jen does come up to you and try to hook up with you make it seem like she is the one picking you up. It will really boost her confidence. Call me tomorrow, Kyle”. I gave him a farewell squeeze as he touched my arm and headed towards the front of the club. I watched the girls on stage for several more minutes before Jen returned, hands laden with even more drinks.
“ I did it”, she plopped down breathlessly, “I talked to Kyle. He wants to meet us at the hotel. Is that ok?”
She was glowing.
“Of course baby, I’d love that.”
After a few hours of appreciating the subtleties of naked women gyrating on poles, I couldn’t wait any longer. I gathered up Jen and headed for the door. Kyle was there, smiling at us as we passed. I winked at him and stole another solid look at his crouch before stepping out into the night. Jen and I tottered down the sidewalk until we reached our hotel. The front desk had changed the guard and a rather severe looking woman frowned at our boisterous intrusion into the placid lobby. Jen smiled at her broadly, asking for an early wakeup call before I could drag her to the elevator. Laughing, we fumbled with the door key to our room.
With a final click, the door closed behind me and I pounced on my unsuspecting prey. She yelped as I grabbed her roughly, forcing her to face the same wall that I had pleasured her against earlier. Yanking back on her hair, I buried my mouth against her ear.
“Not a sound, do you understand? If you make any noise, I will punish you until you beg for my mercy.”
I kept a hold of her hair and forced her towards the bed. Upon our arrival, I threw her down and pinned her down with my body as I pulled out my implements from the nightstand. She started to recover from the shock of my attack, pushing against me. I rewarded her efforts with a firm slap across her buttocks. She stopped briefly, long enough for me to tie her hands together and blindfold her. I forced her hands over her head and tied them to the ornate headboard, making certain she couldn’t move. I unbuttoned her shirt slowly and revealed the front clasp of the bra that struggled to contain her magnificent breasts. Excited, I roughly pinched her nipples until she cried out. Her vocal response reminded me of a detail that I had missed. Rising, I picked up a ball gag out of the drawer. I smiled as she tried to turn her head away when I secured it in her mouth. She looked so helpless.
“You are mine to control, I will decide how to pleasure or punish you. You will not speak or move unless I tell you it is alright. Any infraction of the rules will result in severe punishment.”
I leaned closer, licking the side of her face. I stopped by her ear, allowing my hot breath to caress it for a moment.
“If you want me to stop, just say ‘carrot‘. I’ll stop immediately. Do you understand?”
She nodded, but made no attempt to speak when I moved the gag. Smiling, I replaced it and prepared to enjoy my slave. I moved off of the bed so that Jen wouldn’t know where my next attack was coming from. Quietly, I picked up the leather cat-o-nine tails and enjoyed the soft caress of the leather in my palm. My dark, womanly folds throbbed with a moist desire that I had never before experienced. Slowly, I allowed the ends of that supple toy to tickle Jen’s stomach. Her entire body quivered, her breath coming in short rasps. With a deft flick of my wrist, I delivered a stinging blow across both of Jen’s heaving breasts. The stifled moan that burst from Jen’s gagged mouth aroused an almost uncontrollable urge within my trembling body. The heady feelings of lust and power overwhelmed me, pushing aside any inhibitions I might have once had. Crazily, I whipped my love’s helpless body, her muffled cries feeding the aroused monster within me. I paused briefly, enjoying the view of her moist pussy. Sliding between her restrained legs, I traced a gentle track around her salivating folds. Immediately, I was rewarded with Jen’s uncontrolled orgasm. Her reaction to my oral ministrations captured my attention, forcing me to continue my oral assault on her helpless body. The feel of the whip in my hand reminded me that I was supposed to be in charge of this encounter. With a final nibble on her pulsating clit, I stood again and resumed my stinging attentions to Jen’s body. When I tired, I freed Jen from her captivity. I sat down on the edge of the bed and prepared for the next stage of our entertainment.
“Who is in charge?” I demanded.
Jen sat up next to me, looking almost defiant. She didn’t answer me and I knew it was on purpose. Obviously I still needed to teach my lovely vassal who was in charge.
“Lay across my lap. Now!”
That she listened to, immediately rushing to throw herself across my waiting thighs. I stiffly smacked her round ass, enjoying the way Jen flinched just before each strike. I roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face to mine.
“Who is in charge?” I followed my question with a tender caressing finger that followed the lines of Jen’s pouting lips.
Jen dropped her eyes. “You are”, she said meekly. I kissed her lips, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth.
“Well then, don’t you think you should show me more respect?”
Jen responded by immediately sliding off the bed and kneeling by my feet. Tenderly, she kissed each foot. Satisfied with her compliance, I pulled Jen to her feet in front of me.
“Excellent and this is how your good behavior is rewarded.”
I pulled her close and found her still hungry pussy with my probing tongue. I locked my arms around her waist and held her tightly as I licked and sucked her hard clit. Soon, her thrusting hips and throaty grunts betrayed yet another approaching orgasm. I held her convulsing body close as I continued my onslaught. Jen fell over me, collapsing into a screaming mass on the bed. Still, I continued to probe her folds with my tongue. Screams of pleasure erupted from her open lips. As abruptly as I began my sensuous torture, I stopped and left Jen limp on the bed. I still had another surprise for her and I had my own needs to fulfill.
I opened my overnight bag and withdrew my final treat of the evening. I felt my cheeks flush as I slid my legs into the harness of the strap-on dildo. While the concept of penetrating Jen with my newest toy excited me, I couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed at the newness of having a large penis suddenly flopping around with each step I took. Still, wearing that flesh colored toy did start to reawaken the lusty beast within me. I sprawled on the bed next to the still motionless form of Jen.
“You aren’t done yet,” I cooed as I stroked her hair, “I have a whole new surprise for you to enjoy.”
She stirred, lifting her head to meet my gaze. Her eyes widened as she finally saw my temporary addition.
“You like that? Good, I think you know what to do.”
I grinned as I gently pushed her head towards the tower of firm fleshy plastic between my tense thighs. Jen’s eyes narrowed and she traced a seductive line around her lips as she slid between my thighs. Her hot tongue ran slowly along the plump balls that adorned the base of the cock. With a breathy sigh, Jen engulfed both balls briefly before she started the upward journey towards the head of my fake cock. My pussy was instantly soaking wet and aching for attention. I slid a trembling finger under the cock harness and caressed my self, finding some relief from the rapidly growing tension that Jen’s own teasing was causing me. Even though the cock was fake, I could understand why men so enjoy oral sex. As I pondered that thought, my own orgasm snuck up and attacked quickly. It ravaged my body with a devastating series of waves that crashed over me. Gasping, I lay on my back and tried to recover some of my senses. Gradually, I became aware of Jen’s soft mouth closing around my erect nipples. With a growl, I threw Jen onto her back on the bed and slid between her legs. I leaned forward and with a deep kiss, I slowly slid my pretend enhancement inside her silky folds. I again fell victim to my lust, thrusting wildly into my willing lover. My lust grew with every cry she let escape. Jen wrapped her trembling legs around me and dug her fingernails into my back as I filled her. Groaning, she leaned up and captured my lips with hers. As we kissed, I felt the telltale signs of yet another orgasm overtaking Jen’s exhausted body. I stopped my thrusting and held Jen close, basking in the heady glow of our passionate lovemaking. We stayed in that position for a great while, moving only when it became far too uncomfortable. Neither of us spoke, as if we were both afraid to break the magic of the passions that we had just shared. I lay with closed eyes, enjoying the warmth of Jen’s body against mine until I fell into a satisfied slumber.
I jumped up, confused and bleary-eyed. I looked around the room for several minutes, uncertain of exactly where I was. Shaking my head, I followed the scent of fresh coffee to a cart near the door. As I retrieved a dark cup of liquid consciousness, the previous evening’s events gradually returned to my mind. Smiling at the thought, I walked to the bathroom and found Jen lounging in the steamy shower.
“Morning”, I quipped over the top of my coffee mug. “ When did you get up?”
Jen never seemed to need more then a few hours sleep. That drove me crazy.
“I’ve been up for hours, you lazy bum,” she stepped out of the shower and wrapped her body in a soft towel. “I think it was your snoring that jolted me awake at some ungodly hour”, she smirked. I shook my head.
“I don’t snore, you know.” I grinned into my cup and ignored Jen’s withering look.
“So……,” I looked expectantly at my lover.
“So” what?”
Obviously she was playing hard to get this morning. She really enjoyed putting me on the spot about our sexual relationship. I shifted my feet and blushed, as usual.
“Oh! I take that to mean last night’s activities.” She started brushing out her hair.
“Ok, ok enough teasing, Jen. What did you think about it?” She always knew exactly how to push my buttons.
Deliberately Jen finished running the brush through her hair. Only after she had completed that arduous task, did she turn to face me.
“I loved every minute of it,” she stepped closer to me. “It was hot and out of control.” She kissed my cheek. “Any time you want to do that again….” she sighed and turned back to her hair styling. “But, we do need to make a change.”
Perplexed, I looked at her and tried to figure out what was wrong.
“Carrot?”, she laughed, “You picked that as a safe word?”
My shoulders slumped a little before I shrugged, “I didn’t know what else to use. It was spur of the moment.”
My explanation was met with gales of Jen’s laughter.
“Ok, I’ll try to come up with something that doesn’t involve produce next time.”
Fortunately, the ringing of the telephone rescued me from Jen’s near hysterical outburst.
“This is the front desk with your wake up call.” The voice on the other end of the line grated against my ear like nails on a chalkboard.
“Thanks, I…..”
“You also have a message from a gentleman named Kyle. He would like to entertain you and your…companion for lunch. Please meet him in the lobby at 11:30.”
“Thank you..”
“Anything else we can do to accommodate your needs?”
Briefly, I considered asking the clerk to get laid and improve her sense of humor. I didn’t think that would be wise.
“Actually you can help me”, I paused long enough to allow the clerk’s sigh to clear the line, “Would you extend our stay through Monday morning?”
“Of course, anything else?”
“No, thank you so much for all of your ….”
She hung up before I could finish my sarcastic prose.
Well, I wonder what we can do with our friend Kyle? Shrugging, I headed off to the bathroom again. Jen had both hands up over her head, wrestling with her amble hair. I took advantage of her self-imprisoning pose and slide my hands around to her breasts. My teasing soon turned lustier and I slid my curious fingers down to her precious folds. Whispering in her sensitive ear, I fingered her clit until she climaxed.
“Do you want to fuck Kyle today?”  My lust heavy voice broke the silence after Jen’s moans. She nodded, leaning heavily against me.
“Me too”

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Best Sex Books

Published 03/03/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The Internet is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you just need a book. And since the Internet is mostly filled with things concerning sex (a fact I totally just made up right now but is probably true nevertheless), there are several fantastic books out there that cover sex and all its iterations. Whether you’re a world-class lover or someone just looking for a few tips to spice things back up, here are the classics you should read to learn more about our favorite way to pass the time.

Kama Sutra: The old manual itself, the Kama Sutra was probably written sometime in the second century. And boy has it been helping out for a long time. While commonly thought of in the Western world as a guide to sex positions, the original text focuses more on the sex life and its relationship to the rest of life’s experiences. It ranks the various pleasures of life and also gives instructions on how to court a wife. But there are, of course, various sex positions and the joys of each. And after seeing some of these positions, the ancient Hindus knew how to get DOWN.


The Joy of Sex: The classic book of sex. Featuring pencil drawings from back when dudes had bushy mustaches and even bushier body hair, this book was one of the first books to treat sex like a fun activity and not some scientific method of pleasure making. It has since been updated, but the original is as much loved for the drawings as it is the quality information.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask: While this book did help usher in the sexual revolution of the 60s (and make for a wonderful early episode of The Wonder Years), the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t quite live up to modern beliefs. There are quite a few harmful stereotypes presented about homosexuality and while the other basic information is correct, there are far better guides available. It’s a shame, really, considering it’s such a great title.


The Guide To Getting It On: This book was featured prominently in my college’s school library. It’s easily my favorite of the list and talks about sex in a very informal (but helpful) way. The Guide To Getting It On covers just about everything you could ever possibly want to know about sex and is actually fun to read. It’s not something you would want to hide and if a visitor notices it on your shelf, it’s a great conversation starter. You might think you know everything there is about doing the deed, however this book will prove you wrong (and you’ll be thankful it did).


She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman: Trust me on this one. Your girlfriend will thank you for it. While it does try to rebrand sex into things like “coreplay” there is a ton of information that will shock you. Or it will shock your lady since you’ll turn into some kind of tongue master. Like they say, “Do onto others with your tongue, the way you wanted to be treated with her tongue.” I’m pretty sure that was in the Bible.


You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about sex, but were too nervous to ask. They can get racy….enjoy.


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