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Guide to Tantric Massage

Published 03/14/2012 by Sensi Boutique


I guess the majority of us have heard about Tantric sex and massage. Had anyone asked me what it was exactly I would have giggled shyly and muttered something about gentle touching, feathers, massage and no orgasm. How wrong I was.

Tantric massage is basically just a massage. However it was created from the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your health will benefit. The Hindus describe Tantra as achieving personal growth through pleasurable existence. The massage itself does tend to cause orgasms, but these are described as a bonus rather than the aim.

Although Tantric massage does not involve actual penetrative sex, it does involve full on touching of the organs. For this reason you will not find it offered down your local health centre. You are far more likely to find it on offer in the many massage parlours in London and other major cities.

If you want to have a go with her or him indoors

Best Sex Books

Published 03/03/2012 by Sensi Boutique

The Internet is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you just need a book. And since the Internet is mostly filled with things concerning sex (a fact I totally just made up right now but is probably true nevertheless), there are several fantastic books out there that cover sex and all its iterations. Whether you’re a world-class lover or someone just looking for a few tips to spice things back up, here are the classics you should read to learn more about our favorite way to pass the time.

Kama Sutra: The old manual itself, the Kama Sutra was probably written sometime in the second century. And boy has it been helping out for a long time. While commonly thought of in the Western world as a guide to sex positions, the original text focuses more on the sex life and its relationship to the rest of life’s experiences. It ranks the various pleasures of life and also gives instructions on how to court a wife. But there are, of course, various sex positions and the joys of each. And after seeing some of these positions, the ancient Hindus knew how to get DOWN.


The Joy of Sex: The classic book of sex. Featuring pencil drawings from back when dudes had bushy mustaches and even bushier body hair, this book was one of the first books to treat sex like a fun activity and not some scientific method of pleasure making. It has since been updated, but the original is as much loved for the drawings as it is the quality information.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask: While this book did help usher in the sexual revolution of the 60s (and make for a wonderful early episode of The Wonder Years), the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t quite live up to modern beliefs. There are quite a few harmful stereotypes presented about homosexuality and while the other basic information is correct, there are far better guides available. It’s a shame, really, considering it’s such a great title.


The Guide To Getting It On: This book was featured prominently in my college’s school library. It’s easily my favorite of the list and talks about sex in a very informal (but helpful) way. The Guide To Getting It On covers just about everything you could ever possibly want to know about sex and is actually fun to read. It’s not something you would want to hide and if a visitor notices it on your shelf, it’s a great conversation starter. You might think you know everything there is about doing the deed, however this book will prove you wrong (and you’ll be thankful it did).


She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman: Trust me on this one. Your girlfriend will thank you for it. While it does try to rebrand sex into things like “coreplay” there is a ton of information that will shock you. Or it will shock your lady since you’ll turn into some kind of tongue master. Like they say, “Do onto others with your tongue, the way you wanted to be treated with her tongue.” I’m pretty sure that was in the Bible.


You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about sex, but were too nervous to ask. They can get racy….enjoy.


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What Inspires Sexy Time

Published 02/22/2012 by Sensi Boutique

What inspires sexy time with your partner? I recently came across this thought. I started out with the thought of  “how do I find more energy for sex”. I searched the internet for what the “Professionals” suggest pretty common things that most people pretty much know. They suggest diet, exercise, leaving work at work,getting enough sleep, blah blah. We all know we need to be healthy and live healthy.

What if you live healthy and you still don’t have any energy or ambition for sex? Well I brained stormed and I realized it’s not as much physical as it is mental. It is extremely easy to fall into a rut and forget how much you enjoy sex. Sometimes all it takes to get in the mood is remembering a time that your partner took you on the couch and fucked your brains out.

The act of sex is 90% mental 10% physical. (well for lesbians anyhow).  There could be an actual physical issue you’re experiencing, in that case consult your physician. For the rest of us that seem to suffer from a low sex drive there are tricks you can do to “trick” your body into the mood.

  1. Talk with your partner, maybe they feel the same way. Sometimes talking about sex gets you both thinking about sex.
  2. Flirt with her. think back to when you two started dating and you were trying to get her into bed.
  3. Read sexy books. (our favorite) Either together of by your self reading erotic stories gets your brains on the topic. Our all time favorite is a series by Ann Rice called Sleeping Beauty and the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.
  4. Porn is always a great way to spice things up. Today there is porn for any fantasy you can dream of.
  5. Go sexy shopping. go shopping together for sexy outfits and take a trip to your local sex toy store. Make it a date.
  6. Set the mood in your home. Now for those of you with children rent a hotel room or get a babysitter to watch your children outside of your home. things like candles, light music (NO TV) and a romantic dinner are sure to get things headed down a sensual path.
  7. Try a couples message. It is surprising how sensual and stimulating a professional couples massages can be.


These are just tips to hopefully help get your sex life back on track and get you back in the sack with your mate. Please let me know if I missed any ideas and please share what works for you.

Sex Toys

Published 02/19/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Sex Toys and Books are a great addition to anyones life.We have everything from books on gay and lesbian relationships, karma sutra, sex toys, and  sexy games to play with your partner.  We love them and we love buying them. hope you find something you love and if you dont let us know and we will try to help you find it.

here are a few pictures of what we personally love


our favorite harness


our favorite toy



here is the link and it is also available through the the menu bar labled the store.



Published 02/19/2012 by Sensi Boutique

Recently I googled the word sensuality to see what it actually meant. The definiton I found was:

  • The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, esp. sexual, pleasure.
  • The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses: “life can dazzle with its sensuality, its color.”

This is the offical Google definition and its quite on point, the difficult part is translating a definiton into actual real life. No one can teach us how to be or feel sensual. Apparently there is an online test that anyone can take to see how sensual they are, I took it and it is a bit lame.

I have found that in relationships being sensual with your partner is something that both people must work on together. There are many articles out there that give advice, pointers and how to’s for people trying to re-ignite the passion. Some of these are well thought out some are just recycled ideas.

Sensuality is a total body feeling, it involves using all of your senses to feel what is going on around you and to really feel what is going on inside of you. There are ways to help reignite that passion and the sensual feelings that we all naturly have. However its not for me or anyone else to tell you exactly what will work.

Start out by thinking of your five senses.

  1. smell
  2. taste
  3. touch
  4. feel
  5. seeing

as you start to think of these senses, think about the things that excite these senses for you. everyone is different and has different things. Some people would enjoy an massage with candle light, armoa therepy and some soft music. Everyone is different and sometimes it takes time to tune into what works for you and your partner.

Recently, my wife and I started getting couples massages, and I have to admit it is extremely sensual. It’s something very different then I am use too. At first I was skeptical of a stranger getting into my “bubble” but now I love it and can’t wait to experience it again. It’s given us a new tool to explore our senses.

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